Top 10 Best Washer and Dryer Sets 2019 Reviews In The World

Top 10 Best Washer and Dryer Sets 2019 In The World

The washing machine significantly reduced the tiring task of washing clothes. It is the reason why most homes have this appliance.

As time goes by the construction and features of washing machines keep advancing. At present, they have become more intuitive and smarter, giving more benefits to washing more fun and convenient.

If you’re considering a smart washer then this guide is for you and we have also added an additional Buyer’s Guide. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best smart washers and reviewed their features to help you during your selection. Every one of them has already proved its efficiency and performance; hence, they are popular in the market. So whichever you pick at the end of this review, we believe it will satisfy your requirements and match your expectations.

For people living in India, we have added the best washing machines comprehensive reviews for best washing machines, front load washing machine, semi-automatic, and top load washing machines.

Samsung WV9600 Flexwash Washer:

Samsung FlexWash Washer – black stainless steel WV55M9605AV

Our first item is the 5.5 cubic foot flex wash from Samsung. This innovative machine features two washers that provide separate controlled washing, letting you wash different kinds of fabrics at the same time with different options and settings.

  1. The front-load washer has a four and a half foot cubic capacity while the top load washer has a one cubic foot space which is perfect for smaller loads.
  2. It boasts of 1300 RPM maximum spin speed which extracts more amounts of water and reduces the drying period.
  3. It comes with a diamond drum design that treats fabrics gently and extends their lives. Its self-clean function keeps the laundry room odor-free and fresh.
  4. It’s equipped with a stainless-steel pulsator that prevents stains and rust, ensuring longevity and durability.
  5. It utilizes steam wash which removes stubborn stains without the hassle of preheating.
  6. Its direct-drive motors eliminate gear and belts, offering a quieter operation, while the VRT Plus technology reduces vibration by up to 40%.
  7. It has an easy detergent drawer dispenser with ball bearing glides with Wi-Fi connectivity. You can remotely view the remaining cycle time and receive alerts when washing is complete or set up new cycles. Even troubleshooting can be done via your smartphone using the smart care app feature.
  8. The 34x46x27 inch washer is covered by a 10-year direct drive motor, 3-years stainless steel drum and one-year control board with parts and labor warranty.

LG High-Efficiency Front Load Washer

5.2 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Front Load Washer with Steam and TurboWash in Graphite Steel, ENERGY STAR

At number two is another fantastic product — the LG 5.2 cubic foot mega capacity turbo wash washer.

  1. It’s equipped with advanced operating systems that make washing dirty clothes easier and stress-free.
  2. It includes smart diagnosis and smart think technology. It’s powered by a time-saving turbowash technology that cuts downwash time by up to 30 minutes.
  3. Its mega-size provides more room for your laundry and gets it done quicker.
  4. It features dial cycle control panels with LED displays and highly responsive touch buttons for convenient management and setting setups.
  5. This smart washer gently penetrates and deeply cleans all types of fabric using steam technology, removing odors dirt and wrinkles effectively.
  6. It also uses steam in an allergen cycle to help remove more than 95% of dust mites and pet dander to other fabric care.
  7. Its features include the Scents Clean System, the cold wash option, and the sanitary cycle.
  8. The integrated six motion technology allows you to use up to six types of washing motions to maximize performance. It offers 14 wash programs, five spin speeds, five wash and rinse temperatures and 11 options while the water level automatically adjusts to the volume of the load.
  9. Cleaning and maintenance are made easy through the Tub Clean Cycle which utilizes up to 149 degrees of heat and water jets for sterilization resulting in a high-performing washer.
  10. The inverter direct drive motor of this energy star certified a 10-year limited warranty cover washer.

We have mentioned about two washers till now. If you’re already familiar with either of them and if you are satisfied with our review, then please share your insights and personal experiences in the comments.

Whirlpool Smart Washer and Dryer

5.0 cu. ft. High Efficiency Smart Chrome Shadow Stackable Front Load Washing Machine with Load and Go XL Plus Dispenser

Let’s continue our third product is the five cubic foot smart washing machine from the whirlpool.

  1. This front load washer brings convenience even when you’re away from home using a mobile app and Wi-Fi to control the laundry cycles remotely. The Whirlpool app allows you to track progress, start, pause, or set your preferred wash cycle using your smartphone or tablet.
  2. This large capacity washer has an intuitive touchscreen panel that gives instant access and setting options. You can learn to suggest and adapt customized presets based on your family’s washing routines.
  3. You can create up to 30 cycle combinations to optimize proper care for different types of fabric and save them for the future.
  4. Use the load and go XL plus detergent and fabric softener dispensers to reduce refill tasks for up to 40 loads based on the machine’s 8-pound capacity when it’s time to refill.
  5. This smart washer sends alert notifications if you want to use a different detergent for a particular load. You can use a single load dispenser.
  6. There are also compartments for bleach or fabric softeners that dispense the agents at the right time.
  7. It guarantees maximum fabric care with its list of innovative systems including a steam clean, sanitized cycle, cold wash cycle, and a quick wash cycle.
  8. The built-in fan becomes active and tumbles the clothes for up to 12 hours, keeping them smelling fresh until you’re ready to finish the task.
  9. A one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty covers this washer.

LG Smart Front Load Washer

LG Smart Front Load Washer

 At number four is LG’s signature five-point eighth cubic foot front load washer.

  1. This black stainless steel smart appliance is equipped with turbo wash technology that powers up high-pressure nozzles to help you save up to 30 minutes per single load.
  2. The ultra-large drum accommodates more laundry and larger pieces per wash, reducing the number of loads that can strain your back.
  3. It features smart think technology giving you remote access to the washers on the door control panel once you connect using Wi-Fi with the help of a smartphone app. You can download cycle options to customize your washing experience.
  4. This sleek washer has a smudge and fingerprint resistant finish, eliminating the hassle of constant cleaning of the outer case.
  5. It is a contoured and elevated front door with a 6-degree tilt angle to make loading and unload more convenient.
  6. The intuitive dial of cycle control and bright LED display indicators help you choose the right setting for your laundry. There’s a full-width lip on top that acts as a slide to give access to the washers for a trade dispenser.
  7. It features six motion technologies, an NFC tag on technology, cold wash technology, and a real balanced anti-vibration system for super tough stains. You can use this super clean cycle that heats the water to one hundred and fifty-eight degrees Fahrenheit.
  8. The allergen cycle removes more than 95% of allergens and pet dander from fabric.
  9. Smart diagnosis helps you diagnose the problem of your machine using the app or to seek help from a service center.
  10. The Energy Star certified washer helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by complying with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s energy-efficient performance level.
  11. Moreover, the direct-drive motor of this unit is covered by a 10-year limited warranty while the drum comes with LG’s lifetime warranty.

Electrolux LuxCare Washer

We’re nearing the end of our review with one more product to evaluate. Our final product and the smart washer review at number five is a four-point, four cubic feet front load washer from Electrolux. It holds the distinction of being one of the best stains removing appliances. It’s quick to boost technology that optimizes the detergent’s cleaning power by pre-mixing it with water before the start of the wash cycle.

Features of this washer

  1. The titanium unit comes with the world’s first adaptive dispenser, which is designed for pods offering flexibility to use detergent packs for busier individuals.
  2. There’s a 15-minute wash cycle that helps deep clean the items that need washing. It uses the unique perfect steam system that goes upward from the bottom, lifting the stains and dirt off of fabric with gentle action.
  3. The robust tub is made of stainless steel that does not snag clothing rust or chips.
  4. It offers nine wash cycles and five soil and spin cycles letting you customize and give your clothes the optimum attention they deserve.
  5. The automatic water level adjustment component reduces waste. There is a delayed start feature that allows you to begin washing during your free time.
  6. With a 27 inch platform and a reversible washer door, this smart washer fits well anywhere you want it to be.
  7. The electric OneTouch operation led to controls to display cycle time. It’s compatible with pedestal storage drawers, but you need to buy those separately.
  8. It has a luxury design lighting that helps you find or see items inside the tub to make your life a little easier by being smart.


Let a smart washer help you get the advantage of enjoying more time with your family or just having more money time. If you’re all set to purchase one washer fr yourself now, please click on the link to the product of your choice and get it at a great price. If you want any other products to be reviewed, then please leave them in the comment box. We’ll give it our utmost attention to grant your request. Thanks for joining us on our review of the ten best smart washers

Stackable washer and Dryer – Best 4 Sets for 2019

Looking for the perfect stackable washer and dryer for your home, but overwhelmed by the choices? To make it easy, ‘we’ve selected our top picks for 2019, so you can feel confident with your selection.

We understand how important it is to find the right laundry set that fits your budget, lifestyle and unique space. But with so many choices available, the stress of making the right decision can often be overwhelming.

To make it easy, ‘we’ve selected our top full size and top compact sets that give you the best combination of features and price without sacrificing cleaning and drying ability. We put links to each of the models in the heading.

Electrolux EFLS627UIW Washer & EFME627UIW Electric Dryer

Electrolux EFLS627UIW

Our top recommendation for most people is this set from Electrolux. At just under $2000 for the washer and matching dryer, this Electrolux ELFS6027UWI set is worth the investment.

It has excellent cleaning and stain, removing ability thanks to its smart boost technology. Rather than just pouring the detergent directly onto your clothes like most washers, SmartBoost premixes the detergent with water to maximize cleaning power.

Electrolux is also the first manufacturer to design their detergent tray to accept pods. So no matter what your preference is, either liquid, powder, or pods, you’ll always get the optimal cleaning results.

Other notable features include perfect steam to remove deep stains and wrinkles as well as a convenient 15-minute wash and 18-minute fast dry cycle.

Also, thanks to their perfect balance system, these units are ultra-quiet even on the second-floor installations. It allows you to do a load of laundry at any time of day without bothering your family or neighbors. This set is stackable with an optional stacking kit and is available in white or titanium.

LG WM3500CW Washer & DLE3500W Electric Dryer

LG WM3500CW Washer & DLE3500W Electric Dryer

Looking for the benefits and efficiency of a front-load set but looking to spend less? Check out this pair from LG.

The LGWM3500CW and matching dryer is excellent value at just under $1,400 for the pair. To bring the price down, LG is using a more basic version of their control panel and display than their more expensive units. And the door bezels are plastic instead of chrome.

With that said, these are just aesthetics, and LG does not cut corners on wash and dry performance. The pair are also the least expensive on the market with WiFi connectivity, conveniently allowing you to start and monitor a load of washing remotely from the LG app.

When it comes to cycles, this pair has all the basics. However, please note that the washer is lacking a sanitized cycle and steam function which can be a deal-breaker for those with allergies or if you have kids.

These units can be stacked using the optional LG stacking kit and are available in white or graphite steel. Now let us talk about the compact washer and dryer sets.

Bosch WAT28400UC Front Load Washer & WTG86400UC Electric Dryer with Stacking Kit

Bosch WAT28400UC Front Load Washer & WTG86400UC Electric Dryer

Compact sets are typically 24 inches wide versus 27 inches for typical laundry, allowing them to easily fit into tight spaces. Our go-to pick for most people looking for compact laundry is the Bosch 300 series.

The budget-friendly washer and dryer will run you about $2000 and boasts an ultra-quiet 24-inch full machine capable of washing 15 pounds of laundry at a time.

The ventless condensation dryer can fit up to 16 towels at a time and still maintain a quiet operation thanks to its anti-vibration circular sidewalls.

This stackable set is perfect for city or apartment living where you can’t have a vented hookup, and space is minimal.

For added installation convenience, the washer plugs directly into the dryer. So only one 240V outlet is needed for the dryer.

Miele WWF060WCS W1 Washer and TWF160WP T1 Dryer Stacked

Miele WWF060WCS W1 Washer and TWF160WP

The best luxury compact stackable set we recommend is the Miele W1/T1 pair. This set ranges in price from $3000 to about $3800 based on the features you select.

But watch out for a budget option later this year. Before getting into the functionality of this pair, we need to mention that the Miele W1/T1 washer and dryer are the easiest to install on the market.

They are designed to operate on a standard 110V outlet, so there is no need to run a high voltage 240V line to the dryer.

It is a game-changer and allows homeowners and builders alike to save money on expensive electric work. If you already have a 240V connection, they sell a convenient adapter to make that setup work as well.

Performance-wise, Miele is all about fabric care. The set is a mini powerhouse with its 25 specialized wash settings and patented honeycomb drums, designed to be gentle on even the most delicate fabrics.

The Twin Dos dispenser allows you to forget about adding detergent for up to 3 months at a time. And with its impressive 1600 RPM spinning motor, you can get rid of excess water right from the washer machine leaving less work for the dryer, radically saving time, money and energy in the long term.

With a shallow depth of 25 inches, this set is excellent for the tightest closet spaces. We hope this video has given you a starting point when it comes to selecting the best stackable washer and dryer set for your home.

Washer and Dryer Buyer’s Guide

washer and dryer buying tips

This guide will lead you with expert knowledge to pick the best washer and dryer or washing machine that best suits your needs. This post is interactive. Members of our website can access our specific washing machine brand recommendations and exclusive product ratings.

Measure your space

space of washing machine

First, do you have enough space? The vase variety of washers comes in size 27 inches, but companies are making more room for an extra 2 to 3 inches.

And don’t forget about the dryer. Measure the height, width, and depth of the space where you want to put your washer, then use these guidelines. For width, add an extra inch to add space between the washer dryer. Add an inch on either side of the appliance. It allows for proper air circulation. Add several inches of depth space for door clearance, dryer vents, and hookups.

Noise Level

Noise level chart

If you’re putting a washing machine near your living space, you’ll want to consider noise levels and vibration. As per Consumer Reports, if a washer scores excellent in noise level ratings, then you can put it in your bedroom or other living space. How much laundry a washer can effectively clean comes down to capacity.


Capacity chart

Anything more significant than 5 cubic feet should provide excellent capacity. We’re talking about 25 to 28 pounds of laundry per load. It is best for prominent families with lots of washing. Three to four cubic feet will wash about 14 to 18 pounds of laundry per load. Less than three cubic feet will soak about 8 to 12 pounds per load. Some people may want to go for more capacity even if they don’t always need it, so they can wash that big comforter or other jumbo items instead of lugging them to the laundromat.

Most companies are coming up with ways to give you more capacity for all that laundry.


Agitator washer and dryer

There are three major varieties of washers, top-loaders with agitators, high-efficiency top-loaders, and high-efficiency front-loaders. Top-loaders are your traditional washing machines, with an agitator in the middle of the machine that spins your garments. In spite of having such a few features, the top-loaders are still the top-selling washing machine in the US.

 They cost less than high-efficiency washers, but in general, our tests find most don’t clean as well and don’t extract as much water. It’s especially important if you’re looking to boost your dryer’s performance. Agitators tend to be tough on clothes compared to high-efficiency machines. H-E top-loaders look like Conventional loaders without the agitator. However, these offer supreme efficiency and saving of water and energy.

No spin Feature

They spin faster, so they extract more water, and they can hold more laundry than conventional top-loading washing machines, about 17 to 28 pounds per load depending on the model. But it can cost almost as much as front-loaders, and some are prone to tangling up clothes. Also, some H-E top-loaders can become unbalanced if you wash waterproof or water-resistant items in them.

It can lead to vibration and sometimes problems with the washer. If you plan on washing water-resistant fabrics often, check the model specs for a low spin or no spin mode. One way manufacturers are increasing their capacity for H-E top-loaders is to make them deeper. That saves width space, but Consumer Reports has found that if you’re shorter, you may have trouble reaching the bottom of the machine. So it’s best practice to do a reach check at the store.

Front Loader vs Top Loader

Front-loaders are our top performers. In Consumer Reports tests, these tackled tough stains, and some tend to be gentler on clothes than top-loaders. They offer more capacity than regular top-loaders, so if you’re bombarded with lots of dirty clothes, this is your best option. They also extract the most water, making your dryer’s drop easier. Another plus is that front-loaders can be stacked with dryers to save floor space in small areas. But they cost the most, some more than $2,400.

If you want to buy a matching dryer, you can tally up past $4,000. In some cases, you’ll need to pay another $500 or so if you want to add pedestals below your machines.

In this position the washer and dryer to standing height, so you won’t have to bend over to load and unload your laundry. And while front-loaders are often quieter than other types, they tend to vibrate. That might be an issue in living areas.

Short on space?

Short on space? Compact washers are usually 24 inches wide or less. Some can be stacked with a dryer to save even more space. Others are more portable, designed with wheels to roll and attached to the sink. A plus if you don’t have the plumbing for a washer.

There are also laundry centers that have a washing machine and dryer as a single piece, as well as duo washers that wash and dry and one drum. These are more suitable only if you have enough space for this washer, but want the capacity of a regular-sized washer. But Consumer Reports says compact washing machines can be expensive for their size. So they’re only worth it if you can’t fit a larger washer.

Features of washing machine

You’ll find all sorts of features on washing machines these days, from steam settings to remote diagnosis. Here are the ones that count. Electronic displays and controls provide more options and flexibility than those old turn dials. Plus, they allow you to keep an eye on how much time is left in the cycle. Some options also have time to save cycles. It reduces to around 15 to 20 minutes off of sequences that can typically run anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes.

Our tests find most provide comparable cleaning to the normal cycle if you’re not dealing with real stains. Automatic dispensing for detergent, fabric softener, and bleach, will release each one at the right time during the cycle. An automatic bulk dispenser does the same, but stores enough detergent to last for several loads. An extra rinse cycle is helpful if you’re sensitive to detergent or fabric softener residues. Automatic load sensing is a feature that senses the size of the load and uses it as just the right amount of water. An automatic temperature control adjusts the water to the correct temperature for the cycle you are using.

Some machines have a My Cycle feature, so you and sometimes several other members of the household can program your favorite settings. A handful of high-end models even have an overnight wash and dry cycle that cleans and dries a small load, like your gym clothes, all in your washing machine. Steam settings are being touted for better cleaning performance, and even for reducing allergens. Consumer Reports doesn’t test for allergen removal, but we do find machines with steam options perform very well in our cleaning tests.

 Many manufacturers are coming up with smart ways to give you more options in one appliance. For example, this washer adds a separate washing machine for delicates or smaller loads down below.

Smartphone features

Smart phone feature washer and dryer

This washer has a built-in sink under the lid for hand-washing or pre-cleaning stains. Many appliances come with smart technology that allows you to check-in and control your cycle via an app. Some can even link to other smart devices like a thermostat. Finally, if your washing machine isn’t working correctly, there’s an option on some called Remote Diagnosis, which allows your machine to connect with the manufacturer, sometimes via an app on your smartphone.

Our Consumer Reports washer experts have tips to help keep your washer and dryer running. Detergent matters. Follow the dosing on the cap. More detergent does not mean better cleaning. Over time, detergents can build up, damaging the machine and your clothing. Always use H-E detergent in high-efficiency washers. Since these machines use a lot less water, regular detergents produce too many suds, and may eventually gum up your machine. Never overload your washing. Instead, opt for one with a larger capacity. This will help extend the life of your machine. Now that you’ve got the basics of visiting Indian Home Appliances, you can subscribe and find our specific washing machine brand ratings based on our in-depth expert testing. We’re a nonprofit, and we pay for all of the items we test.


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