Washer and Dryer Buyer’s Guide – Outside India


Washer and Dryer Buyer’s Guide – Outside India



This guide will lead you with expert knowledge to pick the best washer and dryer or washing machine that best suits your needs. This post is interactive. Members of our website can access our specific washing machine brand recommendations and exclusive product ratings.




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When you initiate your research for the best laundry pairs, there are a few essential determinants you need to consider.

Four considerations before buying a washing machine

  1. What type of washer and dryer do you prefer
  2. The space you have available
  3. How much laundry do you do regularly
  4. The features you’re looking for

we’re going to talk through the four considerations you need to review when shopping for your next washer and dryer.

To start, you have to decide on a type of washer and dryer you want. When it comes to an appliance, there are two main types a top-load washer or front load washers. Top load washing machines with agitators with less cost and are faster than top-load machines without an agitator. Top load machines without an agitator are also known as Qi or high-efficiency washing machines.

The lack of an agitator means the Machine will be a bit gentler on your clothes. It also allows for more capacity or space inside the Machine, but despite having a large size, most of Qi washers use less water.

They also spin faster, removing more water which cuts back on hard times although the high spinning can sometimes tangle up your clothes. So make sure you tuck in any strings or straps when shopping makes sure you reach into the Machine and pretend you’re trying to grab that last sock at the bottom.

Top loaders can be very deep, and sometimes people have trouble reaching into them. Front-load washing machines tend to be a little more expensive, but they clean better and are gentler than the best top-loaders with agitator.

Front-loaders take longer to clean loads but spin faster extracting more water and trimming down your dryer time. The high spin speed can cause some washing machines to vibrate. So make sure you look for a unit with an anti-vibration technology.  Also, note that some of the front load washing machines collect water around the rubber door gaskets and that can develop a mold to prevent this happening.  Leave the door open a crack when you’re done using it.

Dryer Features to look for

Now let’s talk about dryers. Dryers are front-load, but there is an electric or gas version you have to select from.

Decades of testing reveal electric, and gas dryers performed similarly. A gas dryer requires a 120-volt outlet and a gas hookup where an electric dryer only requires a 240-volt outlet.

Gas dryers also can cost 50 to 150 dollars more than an electric dryer. However, the Gas dryer can potentially save you money in the long run on your energy bill because natural gas is typically less expensive to operate than electricity.

Measure your space

The next important consideration is how much space you have available. Most washer and dryers are 27 inches wide, but an increase in capacity means your Machine can be 2 or 3 inches wider than that.

You must measure the space you have available. If you’re planning to enclose your laundry pair in a closet, then keep in mind you will need 6 inches behind the Machine for hookups and venting.

You will also need at least one inch between the washer and dryer so you can properly open and close doors. If you’re planning on putting your washer and dryer near a bedroom or family room, consider looking for machines with quiet technology as well as anti-vibration technology.

So you won’t disturb you or your guests while spending time in these rooms.

Amount of Laundry

Our third consideration is the amount of laundry you do on an average size up your laundry basket. Not everybody needs a washer and dryer that will hold up to 24 full-sized bath towels. However, if you do plan on washing lots of big bulky items, then look for a machine that will hold that.

If you only need space for around eight to twelve full-sized towels or if there’s only a couple of people in the household, look for a machine with smaller capacities.

The feature you require in the washer.

Last but not least, consider the features you want for your laundry units but keep in mind, the more features, the higher the price.

The key is to choose a high-performing washer and dryer just under your budget then upgrade to include the features you’re looking for.

Now for some top dryer features, we would recommend you look for the first moisture sensor. The moisture sensors detect the laundry’s dampness and shut off the machine when clothes are dry. It is great for saving energy and won’t over-dry your clothes.

Second is Auto dry cycles instead of relying on time dry.  Auto dry cycles provide settings for a more drained or less dry option. It is also great because it will save energy.

The third is extended tumble. Extended tumble settings prevent wrinkles from setting in by continuing to move your clothes after they’ve already been dried. It is especially ideal for busy families who may not have time to get to the dryer right away.

That does it for this edition of the Buyer Guide. If you have questions or would like to learn more about laundry units, then stop by your local factory builder stores and speak to one of the sales representatives.

You can also leave a comment now to ask any questions.

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