Types of Juicers in India 2021

Types of Juicers in India 2021

In this post, I present you a juicer buying guide basically what’s the best juicer and what I mean by that is what’s the best juicer for you all these juicers on this table are really good juicers some of them are the best and others I have here as examples to explain a few different types of juicers. I’ll cover each one and the type of juicers.

So when I say what’s the best juicer in India for you? You got to start with what do you wanna juice? what’s your primary goal and what do you want to achieve with your juicer. If you want to juice blocks of greens that will steer you into a juicer that’s very good for greens or if you’re doing a lot of wheatgrasses or if you want a juice of a general variety of fruits and vegetables. then other juicers are better at that if you want a fast juicer and save you a lot of time there are juicers for that too so really it’s finding the best use for your needs and then you have the best juicer.

I would caution on wasting money on Rs 500 Manual juicers. The reason for that is one you’re gonna get a lot less juice and they’re cheap you can plan on changing those regularly. also, it’s not very good for our planet. junk things don’t last long and just end up in the junk pile the dump, and so on. So why don’t I get something that’s gonna last a few years? you will have to invest a lot more than Rs. 500 for a good juicer but you’ll have something that lasts many years and provides you with lots of fresh wholesome juice.

Types of Juicer

Citrus juicer

I’ll start with some citrus juicer so this is a basic juicer. This Juicer is nothing extraordinary just a great juicer for juicing oranges, grapefruits, and of course lemons. so basically the green turns you press down and you get the juice. if you want orange juice and you could just get a little juicer like this or even better a citrus press you’ll see a lot of these like at outdoor expositions where people are making lemon juice. these are excellent for pressing citrus and orange juice made with that is extremely delicious. it’s not the most efficient as far as yield obviously as you’re gonna get more juice from another type of juicers than you would with a press Juicer but with the press, you’re getting like the pure juice very little pulp and you’re getting just the strong orange flavor and sweetness. it’s very good and I like to use this occasionally. Well, that’s pretty much for the citrus juice and that’s all you can do with these.

Centrifuge Juicers

Centrifuge Juicers

The second is centrifuge juicers. This is a fast-turning juicer that turns at ten thousand revolutions per minute. it has a large presser which is great for having enough to cut things down into smaller pieces. now how these juicers operate and I think that’s what I need to cover. There are two different types here: one is the pulp ejector where all the pulp that’s generated is ejected into a large bucket at the back. 

The other one is the old-time Omega Juicer that keeps the pulp inside. These older style juicers that keep the pulp inside are more efficient because the pulp is staying in there all the time that you’re juicing and it’s getting spun and spun so the most juice is being extracted. However, you do have to stop and take the pulp out with a juicer as the pulp gets ejected. and if you check any of my videos most of the comparisons I’ve done the Breville always underperforms and juice yield why because it goes very fast and a lot of the pulp comes out and it’s still human it’s not getting in there and getting the most juice out for one because it’s an injector style juicer and for to the speed. if you want something fast I’m gonna be inducing quickly every day I mean that’s what this does it is fast so basically how the centrifuge works. so centrifuge juicer they say everything gets chewed up with these blades and all the pulp ends up on the side and gets fun and the juice comes out. 

There is one more type of centrifuge juicers here it’ll heal the pulp-free juice because everything goes through the screening but this type of juicer does incorporate air into your juice. so it oxidizes more rapidly and so you want to drink that more quickly than you would with a slower turning juicer. that’s pretty much for the centrifugal juicer it’s really good for things like carrots and hard vegetables beets and so on but as soon as you get to leafy greens and other things are soft like apples and stuff you’ll find a lot of the produce just gets spit out into the back or ejected out into the backbox and you’re not getting the most juice. these juices also don’t offer a very great warranty. so again centrifuge juicers more for hard-type vegetables that will get the most juice. the other things you’ll find a lot lower juice yield.

Masticating Juicers

Masticating Juicers

This juicer here is two twin gears but turns towards each other and squeezes out. now as you feed produce in they get squeezed as these two gears are turning against each other and will squeeze out the fruits. it squeezes out the most juice as the fruit gets squeezed and masticating and then push down on the end so these are juicers that turn relatively slow at 120 revolutions per minute. you’ll find them useful for things like greens celery even wheatgrass and they’ll do harder vegetables too. the only thing with that is you do need to push things down and maintain pressure as the gears are only turning at 120 revolutions per minute but you do have to maintain pressure so someone that doesn’t like having a push to get their juice you may want to go more towards a self-feeding type juicer. 

Twin Gear Juicer

and with the twin gears in comparisons I’ve done you definitely see a little more yield alike from the same amount of vegetables but does tend to squeeze out the most especially gonna both controls on the end and you can get in there and squeeze out the most so very good juicer main drawback I would say is having to push everything to get things done it’s also a multi-faceted juicer you can do other things processing nut butter or frozen fruit sorbets it’s a multi-purpose machine contrary to these this is one purpose citrus fruit vegetable juicing and fruit juicing only and this here you really into a multi-purpose machine.

Triturating Juicers

Triturating Juicers

next up is a single auger masticating type juicers so these breakdown pulps of the vegetables and squeeze the juice out through the screen. everything else you clear will get broken down by the auger and everything gets pushed through to the end and squeezed out through the juicing screen.

These are slow turning 80 revolutions per minute. you’ll find it well for some greens leafy greens, wheatgrass and these will do wheatgrass very well. you’ll find a lot higher yields than you would with upright juicers but also a multi-purpose machine also.

They come with a homogenizing blank so the same thing as the twin gear you can do the nut butter, frozen fruit, and sorbets there are even some pasta dyes that you can attach to the end and extrude pasta.

Similarly, these juicers have a lot of similarity with the twin gear juicer except you’re working with a single gear for juicing 

For the last section here I have vertical-style single auger masticating juicers. so these juicers operate in the same way as a single auger juicer except it is vertically aligned again.

You have an auger that is shaped differently and the same thing here everything that you put in these have what they call blades on top of dual blades. as you put in your vegetables are cut down so this is the self-feeding feature. it’s 4745 revolutions per minute 

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