Type of foams in Mattress

Type of foams in Mattress

Now I want to talk a little bit of time to talk about the Foams used in Mattress. When talking about the foams, they use the ones everybody’s using now and the ones that we used here, all of which are pretty different. So what we’re looking in front of full material. If something’s going to allow support, pressure relief, and somewhat regulate a temperature. Those are the three things to make you toss and turn the most.

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1) Polyurethane Foam – Mattress

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I’m going to start with polyurethane foam. It is the most widely used foam in bedding. It can look a lot of different ways. We use very dense thick 1-inch pieces of poly, or on the retail side, we see a lot of this, and we call it convoluted or egg crate foam. The problem with this or even with the good stuff of polyurethane is that it is more of that basic material. Polyurethane, unfortunately, does a couple of things one does not support any weight, so this is the reason for years it’s made a firm bed for your back. It is a soft feeling material, and I called poly the biggest lie in bedding. Polyurethane foam initially in a store when you lay it for five minutes, you got your clothes on. There are no covers. You get that nice soft feeling. Still, the one our polyurethane gets as you can see the more it’s going to sink and the more that support that we lose and there’s don’t pressure relief to that is only a cushion for the first short time in bed.

2) New Gel Foam – Mattress

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The next one we look at here is new gel foam .the real thing behind this is its memory foam, a 19-6 technology. They’ve taken the blue, of course, is infused gel, and it’s supposed to make the foam cooler, but all the independent tests that I’ve read will not change the foam’s temperature by a degree. However, when it comes to outperforming, memory foam was good at one thing now, memory foam was going to pressure relief. It’s another heat-sensitive material as the longer you’re in this, the more you’re going to sink. The negative part nothing is pushing back at the body, so now we’re falling into the bed we’re getting pressure relief. Still, nothing supports the massive areas of the body, and now you’re fighting when you move. This foam is a slow recovery foam, so it’s tough that limits were carrying bet hard to move around.

3) Natural Latex – Mattress

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In the next foam over is a new technology alright the first one ever to support weight in the bed was called natural latex. It will make two different ways. This is a new synthetic foam we got Duron. What makes Duron unique is that it does support weight, okay, and this is an instant recovery foam. There’s none of that slow coming back as you move the phone was moving with you and pushing you to make moving around in bed much more comfortable, not picking yourself a different blue spot all the time. Also, we want to look at the heat when you sleep at night your temperature fluctuates all night long hot and cold when we get hot you put a lot of heat in the bed but now when our body’s cool off a lot of that heat leftover is stored in the Mattress and all your cooler the bed is hotter. It’s like putting up a pot of water and a hot stove, so now all of a sudden, the bed is making you warm and starting to sweat.

The trick behind betting for years is that we’ve been trying to get more heat out of bed. Duron is the first foam engineered to hold 40 percent less heat throw it tonight. Now we’re not letting to make it cold to look in to regulate body temperature. I want to keep the bed as close to your body temperature as possible. So now, Duron’s supports that braid and takes the pressure off tissue and helps to regulate some temperature less hot and cold for you in bed. The holes in the foam do several things the first thing the holes do well if I don’t take that material out it’s going to be a lot harder denser so by taking the fabric out, we get the feeling that we’re looking for the amount of support that we want. Also, foam beings cellular when foam fails the air cells compress together and die. With the holes in the foam now, it extends a life when we lay there in that foam compresses those cells have somewhere to go now expanding the life spins. Also, they do draw some heat away from the body, so it’s multi-purpose. A big thing about this I’m what makes me the most significant fan this is one of the first films engineered out of non-gassing chemicals, nothing was gassing out your breathing. It is hypoallergenic dust mite free and select anti-fungal. While I feel that’s important is that when you sleep in a bed, we excrete many bacterias into mattresses that grow. Beds are filthy environments would it be nice to know you’re sleeping someplace that is clean and healthy every night not affecting respiratory efficiency liquid allergies.


 So as you can see folks, there’s a lot of difference in material how they affect the body polyurethane foams and provides you a nice soft feel, but again there’s a lack of support. Memory foam or gel memory foam will provide pressure relief, but it’s going to sleep very warm, be very hard to move in, and no support. Nothing is pushing back. But when you get into Doron, it’s right in the small area here and supports properly holding less heat staying cleaner, providing you with a much much safer environment to spend a third of your life.

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