Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machine India

Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machine India| 15 Major Differences

Ever since the heroic front load washing machine made a mind blastic entry into the Indian market, buyers in India have faced problems top Load washing machine vs Technologically advanced Front load washing machine.

I’m here to lead you all through some of the pros and cons of various classes of front load and top loader so that you can make the best decision for you and your family. You can also check out smark smart tips to buy a washing machine.

Almost every person in urban areas has access to the washing machine these days. So we can say that the washing machine has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Before even starting a comparison between the front load vs. top load washing machine, I can tell you that the front load washing machine is more efficient than top load washing machines. Still, many people have their reasons to choose a washing machine as per their needs. 

Some people choose top-loading washing machines because they have budget problems or people don’t mind doing some manual work. On the other hand, some people want front loaders as they don’t have time to wash laundry all day and money is not a problem for them.

So let’s start Top load vs Front load washing machine comparison and see significant differences between top load and front load washing machines. 

1. Washing Action

First, we will talk about the difference between actions in top-load vs. front load washing machines.

The front load washing machine works in tumbling action. In tumbling, action clothes move upward and downward motion, which gives you the resembling replication of hand wash.

On the other hand, top load washing machines involve churning action. During churning action, water is made to pass from fabric at a fast speed to remove all the stubborn dirt from the garments. 

We have done various tests on some top load washing machines that wonderfully remove dirt. However, Front load washing machine Tumbling action is better than Top load action as it is not too harsh on your clothes.

Front load washing actiontop load washing action

2. Drum Size

One of the most candid differences is that the drum size of the front load washing machine is more significant than the drum size of the top load washing machine.

machine drum size

3. Water-Saving

In semi-automatic or top load washing machines, you have to put around 5 to 6 buckets of water in every wash. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about manually pouring water from front load washing machines. Front-load washing machines have a water inlet pipe, which automatically intakes water as per the clothing load and program selected. The front-load washer automatically uses the water in no more than one bucket.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has found that a conventional top load washing machine uses around 15-gallon more water than a fully automatic front load washing machine. That means the Top Load washing machine wastes around 7000 gallons of water every year. 

I would recommend you to invest some extra money in front load washing machines to save water.

4. Energy saving

The main reason why front load washing machines save more electricity is the short wash cycle, drying clothes during the wash, and less water wastage. In the present scenario, washing machine brands are focusing on making washing machines that use less electricity. 

Top loading washing machines, you have to dry the clothes in a dryer after every wash. The dual process of washing and drying clothes consumes more electricity. Therefore, front load washing machines are far better than the top loaders in terms of energy saving. 

One simple tip for energy saving is to select the washing machine with the highest energy star rating.

energy saving- front load vs top load

5. Detergent Usage – Top Load vs Front Load

We often get confused thinking about what’s the difference between front load washing powder and top-loading washing powder. Well, I am going to answer it straightforwardly and understandably. The way of washing clothes in front load and top loader are different; therefore, their washing powders are also different. 

Washing powder of the front loader is costlier than the detergent of the top load washing machine. The fundamental difference is that the top load washing machine uses more water, so its soap gets easily removed during wash; however, if you use top load detergent in front load washing machine, then it will not remove the detergent because front loader uses less water. 

Ideally, you should be using washing powder suggested by the manufacturing company. We have also made a particular post regarding the best detergents in India, which you can read. 

Detergent Usage - Top Load vs Front Load

6. Price and Budget

Front-load washing machines come in a range of Rs. 20000 to Rs. 80000 whereas top load washing machines come in a price range of Rs.10000 to Rs. 20000.  

Front loading washing machine annual cost is in terms of energy, and water-saving is less than the top load washing machines. Therefore, the additional purchase cost of front loaders will be covered in the long run.

Price and Budget washing machine

7. Fabric Care

Top-loading washing machines are obscene on your clothes as they pass water through the clothes in a very harsh way that weakens your fabric quality. Top loaders also tangle in various garments during a wash which in turn leaves wrinkles on clothes after washing. After washing, you have to put your clothes in the dryer, and the top loader dryer is quite harsh on your clothes that can dull your fabric colors.

To deal with all the downfalls of top load washing machines, various big brands have come up with advanced technologies. One of them is eco bubble technology which creates millions of bubbles that gently penetrate clothes, taking out stubborn dirt. Color 15 plus technology helps in retaining the natural color of the fabric and fabric comes out with a fragrance. 

If you love your delicate and costly garments, then you must go for front load washing machines.

8. Time-Saving -Top Load vs Front Load

These days many people are working in private or public companies where they do get two weeks off. It is also evident that none of us wants to waste those two days washing clothes. Keep this in mind; various brands have come up with front load washing machines that you can control with your smartphone with Wifi. With smartphone control, you can operate and select the wash cycle from your office too.

There are some technologies like a quick wash where you can wash your clothes in 15 minutes. The front-load washers also take out most of the water from clothes during washing, so you don’t have to dry your clothes after every wash manually. 

On the other hand, the top load washing machine doesn’t come with such amazing technologies. You have to spend all day washing and drying your clothes. So, if you don’t want the hassle of washing clothes all day and want to spend some quality time with your family, then you must buy a front load washing machine.

wash cycle

9. Freedom to Add Additional laundry

The biggest problem faced by the front load washing machine is the Laundry Add Feature. You can’t put additional laundry after the wash cycle starts. If you open the washing machine door during the washing cycle, then it will throw all the water out of the machine. 

However, there is no such problem in top load washing machines as you can add as much laundry as you want.

10. Hot Water Wash

These days the front load washing machine comes with an inbuilt heater to give your clothes a hot water wash. The simple reason behind that is that hot water wash gives better cleaning quality. 

In top load washing machines, you have to put the hot water for hot water wash manually. 

11. Wash Programs – Top Load vs Front Load

The front load washing machine comes with more than 20 washing programs for different wash needs. Some of these programs – normally soiled, heavily soiled, express 14, lingerie, curtains, dark wash, regular wash, silk special, synthetic, mixed fabric, woolen, cradle wash.

For instance, ladies in some regions of India like to wear silk sarees. For that woman, there is a unique silk program that can wash silk saree at one single touch. Another example is the customarily soiled and heavily soiled feature. If your clothes have regular dirt, then you can select lightly soiled features or vice versa. 

On the other hand, you only get two or three types of wash programs. These washes programs are the same for all kinds of fabrics. 

wash programs

12. Space – Top Load vs Front Load

It’s essential to measure the space in your laundry room to ensure a proper fit. Front-load washers have a swing-out the door and work well in spaces that are tall and narrow because they can be stacked, or in areas where there are low overhead cabinets which would prevent the lid from a top-load from opening fully.

The front-load washing machine takes more space than the top load washing machines is it is bigger than the top load washing machines. The front-load washing machine also needs some extra space as its door is located at the front, so it needs extra space to open the door. 

13 Manual Intervention

People who are aged and suffering from back injuries always get problems while bending their bodies. Therefore, the front load washing machine is not ideal for those people is you will bow to load the clothes in the washing machine. On the other hand, in the top load washing machine, you don’t get sich issues as it has more height than front loaders. 

People say that you can also add a pedestal to increase the height of front loaders; however, the top loader still has the upper hand in this parameter.

14. Smell and Odor – Top Load vs Front Load

People usually complain about the bad odor and smell in front load washing machines due to mildew left in the wash machines. We have made a particular post on how to clean your front loading washing machine to tackle such a problem. 

Keep in mind that you’ll need to leave the door on a front-load open slightly after the wash is done to help dry the drum more quickly and prevent mold and odor.

On the top load washing machine, people don’t face such problems of smell or odor.

15. Maintenance

Front-load washing machines are more advanced and usually come with an electronic control panel that makes them more prone to damage. It also requires a special tap inlet pipe as it doesn’t fit in regular taps in our home. The front-load washing machine also requires a fabric softener and washing machine cleaner to keep the washing machine clean. It is also mandatory to have a front load washing machine stand. 

On the other hand, the top load washing machine has a low maintenance cost as you can repair it yourself and it’s detergent is also very cheap. 

16. Ease of Use

If the size of your laundry room doesn’t limit your options, then it’s time to look at which style you prefer when loading and unloading laundry.

The door of the front load washer is lower to the ground, but adding a pedestal can make it easier to access if you’re tall or have trouble bending loading.

A top load washer won’t require you to bend down. Some of the newer mega capacity top loads can handle super large loads. However, it can be challenging to reach the bottom of these extra-large tubs for shorter users.

Therefore, be sure to take into account who in your household does laundry and how easy or hard it will be for each person to load and unload the washer. 

For instance, if your kids are tasked with doing their laundry, it might be harder for them to reach the bottom of a top-load so you might need to keep a step stool next to the washer. 

Verdict – Top Load vs Front Load

Front-load washing machines perform better than the top load in almost every aspect of washing – they have better wash quality, fabric-friendly, use less water, are less noisy, and have more relevant and useful wash programs. If the budget is not a constraint, the front load is the best option in Indian conditions. 

I hope that this guide helps you decide on the perfect washing machine for you and your family.


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