10 Smart Tips to Buy a Washing Machine 2019

10 Smart Tips to Buy a Washing Machine 2019

Tips to buy washing machine

These days companies are making washing machines focus on many aspects to meet the daily household needs. One of the significant points that many brands majorly focus on is minimizing manual intervention and fabric safety. However, wherever people go to the market or online to purchase a washing machine, they struggle to differentiate between different qualities and brands. Therefore we have come up with ten smart tips to buy washing machine that will help you buy a new washing machine easily. 

We have also written a separate comprehensive guide for the best washing machines in India with Buyers guide which you can read by clicking on the link. 

1. Washing Machine Price

We Indians have the exceptional talent to invest our money for a product that gives equivalent worth. However, we also tend to waste money on the washing machine or other appliances thinking that spending more money will provide more excellent value. Therefore when you go out to buy a washing machine, you should keep in mind what type of washing machine you want to buy. The reason behind that is that different varieties of washing machines come in various price ranges.

For example, 

Washing machine price

2. Washing Machine Drum Size

One of the essential tips while buying a washing machine is that we should have an idea about our daily laundry loads, washing frequency, and the number of family members. Suppose if there are only two members in a household and you bought an 8 KG washing machine, then it’s a waste of money.

For instance, there are three members in the family, and the laundry wash frequency is once a week, so the 7 KG washing machine is ideal for such a family. On the other hand, if family members are three and wash frequency is 3 times a week then 6 Kg washing machines would be excellent. 

To simplify this process, we have provided the chart below that will help you select the drum size. 

Washing Machine Drum Size

3. Ease of Use

In 2019, we are surrounded by technologies that are simplifying our daily lives, and washing machines are also part of those technologies. However, technology gets complicated sometimes, especially when we are not used to it. So while buying a washing machine loaded with technology, we should also consider the fact it is easy to operate. 

For instance, some washing machines come with more than 15 wash programs mentioned on its control panel, making our wash experience very convenient. On the other hand, some washing machines come with digital display, which is not so easy to operate. So people should always spend money on the washing machine that has an easy control panel.

4. Warranty


People are usually very concerned about the warranty offered by different brands. People should look for a brand or washing machine that has a good reliability track record so that you don’t have to worry too much about the warranty. For instance, you bought a local brand washing machine with ten years warranty instead of a good brand washing machine with five years warranty. 

You should also check whether the warranty provided on a different washing machine is comprehensive, or if it is separate for washing machine and motor. These days the seller also tries to sell an extended warranty for washing machines. However, you should not go because it will not benefit you for the money you will invest. 

5. Energy-saving Washing machine

Energy-saving Washing machine

You might have heard about home appliances with 3-Star ratings or 5-star ratings. This rating is an award or capability of the home appliances for the energy saved by peruse. These days washing machines come with technology that saves water and electricity up to 50 percent. For instance, zero pressure technology works with zero water pressure and inverter technology that protect the washing machine from electricity fluctuations. 

Some washing machines use water as per the wash loads saving water, and some washing machines take less wash time-saving electricity. You can also click on this link if you want to learn about the technologies provided by different washing machine brands.

6. Spin Cycle

These days we see washing machines with up to 1800 RPM spin speed or even more. However, the higher spin speed can cause problems like vibrations and noise in the washing machine. If you get irritated by loud noise by a washing machine, then you should test the washing machine for its sound and vibration. The ideal Noise level should be between 60 dB to 80 dB.

washing machine spin speed

7. Maintenance

washing machine maintenance

Different washing machines have different maintenance needs. For instance, semi-automatic washing machines are straightforward to handle, and it has zero maintenance cost. Front-load washing machines have a higher maintenance cost due to their technological advancement. Front-load washers require a different type of detergent, fabric softeners, washing machine stand, and electronic control panel.

8. Dimensions

washing machine dimensions

People who live in houses with less space or less washroom area should give foremost importance to the size of the washing machine while investing money on it. There is also a class of people who have separate space for washing machine. These people should know the dimensions of space they have created or they should create such space after buying a washing machine.

9. Range of Functions

Range of Functions

As we see in movies that different superheroes have different powers to solve different types of problems. In the same way, washing machine brands have some unique features that other brands don’t have. For instance, if you live in a building where there is always a water pressure problem, You will need a Zero Water pressure technology that even works without sufficient water pressure. 

Another example – If you don’t have much time to wash clothes, then you should go for a washing machine with Quick wash technology.

10. Spin Speed

Spin speed is quite important when you’re talking about whether it be a top-loading machine or front loader.

On the front load, we go a lot more variation in your spin speeds, and you get more control over it as well. For instance, if we’re looking at doing a mixed cotton load, you can then set your cycle here at whatever spin speed. Suppose if you wash Orleans or delicates that need to be cleaned not only at the correct wash temperature but also at the right spin speed.

So more limping delicates are usually washed on a more deliberate and more gentle cycle, so you don’t damage your clothes as well.

Range of Functions - washing machine


These were 10 smart tips to buy washing machine which you can apply before investing in a washing machine. We don’t buy washing machines every day as it is a one-time investment, therefore, I suggest you study every aspect thoroughly.

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