Speed Queen vs Maytag Commercial Washing Machine: Which One Is Better?

Speed Queen vs Maytag Commercial Washing Machine

We’re going to go over the differences, namely the pros and cons of the new Speed Queen TC5000WN Vs. The Maytag MVWP575GW commercial washing machine which is also pretty unique and It’s only been out for about a year and a half at this point. Let’s start with the Speed Queen vs. Maytag comparison.

I’ve had the luxury of testing both the best machines in a variety of different cycles, including my queen size comforter, towels, ketchup tests, and many other tests. At this point, I’m very familiar with both of these machines, and we’re going to get to the bottom of it. You can also check out our best washer and dryer sets.

Speed Queen Washing Machine Introduction

Speed Queen reintroduced their 2017 style washing machine and renamed it the TC 5000 WN aka the AWN 632 SP116TW01 aka the Speed Queen classic.

Don’t be fooled by all those fancy model numbers as this is a 2017 washing machine in a different style body. This old speed queen washing machine was so good that Maytag had to redesign a washing machine to compete with the reliability and the performance of this machine.

Maytag Washing Machine Introduction

Maytag managed to produce an old-school performing washing machine in a new style. This washing machine can be electronically controlled with suspension hung and has all sorts of computer boards and mode shifters, but it still works fantastic.

I did the Ketch-up test on these two machines and let me show you the difference. What you see on the left is the Maytag commercial, and what you see on the right is the new 2019 speed queen washing machine.

new speed queen 2019 TC 5000 WN Vs. the Maytag commercial washing machine

TC 5000 WN from Maytag did a far superior job over the Speed Queen and was given more whiten clothes. The Maytag did so much better because it has a dual-action agitator, which is a game-changer when it comes to washing machine performance. I understand why the speed queen has a single-piece agitator, and it adds to the reliability.

That is where it starts to get tricky to decide on a performance to give up in exchange for reliability. It’s challenging to find that point where you find the best blend between a good performing machine that’s going to get your clothes clean for the first time. It’s also a machine that’s going to last longer than a year and a half.

I’m conflicted about making this side-by-side comparison because they’re both great washing machines in their way. I think Maytag edges out in the performance department, but I feel like the Speed Queen holds an advantage in the reliability and build quality department.

Let’s do a side-by-side Speed Queen vs. Maytag comparison and figure some things out.

Speed Queen vs Maytag Comparison

Speed Queen vs Maytag comparison


The Maytag comes at a reasonable amount of $799.00, whereas the Speed Queens adds at a cost of $1,039.00.

Tub Size

The Maytag has a large 3.5 cubic foot tub whereas the Speed Queen’s washing machine has a 3.2 cubic foot tub.

No. of Wash Cycles and Warranty

The Maytag has five usable wash cycles with different options, and so does the Speed Queen. The Maytag does come with a five-year full part and labor warranty that covers in-home services with any conditions from Maytag, and there are no exceptions. The speed queen washing machine does come with a three-year full part and labor warranty, which is also directly from the manufacturer.

The terrible thing about it is that it’s generally guaranteed through the person that bought the washing machine. From the downside to this is if you buy it online you’re screwed as Speed Queen dealers are under no obligation to service your washing machine if it’s under warranty even if you buy it from them.

Dual-Action Agitator

The real deciding factor between the Maytag and the Speed Queen is the dual-action agitator. I know I keep harping about this dual-action agitator, but it is a big deal. The amount of rollover that the dual-action agitator creates is far superior to the Speed Queen’s single-piece agitator.

The dual action is a little bit more prone to failure or can be a little bit more prone to failure. I’ll take that small risk for the performance that it delivers.

Spin Speed

The Speed Queen edges out the Maytag with a 710 RPM spin speed versus the Maytag 700. The Maytag is significantly quieter, whereas the Speed Queen washing machine is a bit on the noisy side. The Speed Queen runs with an old-school motor, and it just sounds like an old washing machine.


The Maytag is more refined and runs on a digitally controlled half horsepower brushless motor. The Speed Queen has a definite advantage in the fact that it lets in straight hot water when you ask for it. There’s no tempering, and there’s no water temperature sensor as if you pick a hot option then you will get the water straight out of your hot water tank.

The Maytag, unfortunately, does temper your water as the heat is 90 degrees and that’s a little bit more like lukewarm to me.

Lid Lock

The Maytag also does have a lid lock which is a bit annoying, but on the bright side, it only locks when it’s doing a high spin. So during the regular wash cycle, you can open the lid at any time as it does stop the washing machine completely.

You can open the speed Queen at any time. There’s no good luck as you open the lid during the spin and it will come to a screeching halt within two seconds.

The Final Verdict

I still haven’t told you which washing machine is better, but I think you could tell where I’m going with it. Ultimately you have to ask yourself which one you think is better: the Maytag offers performance but unproven reliability. The build quality is okay but not like the Speed Queen.

The Speed Queen lacks a little bit of performance but makes up for it in building quality and ability. I prefer the Maytag because I put performance before anything else. If the Maytag breaks, I can repair it just as quickly as I could improve the Speed Queen, but I think the average DIY person would be more inclined to correct the Speed Queen.

Ultimately the decision is yours, so don’t overthink it. These are both great machines so as long as you don’t buy some piece of junk like the Qi washing machine.


You’re probably going to be okay I’d say that these two machines are better than 95% of the washing machines out there on paper. The Maytag edges out the Speed Queen and if you want to get untechnical about things and get to look at it like this.

The difference between 700 RPM and 710 RPM is nothing so I would change that to an equal sign. The other thing is the lid lock – the Maytag does have a lid lock, but it only locks during the spin cycle which makes it a non-issue so I’d put a little bit of an equal sign.

The only thing that the Speed Queen has a real definite advantage of is the availability of straight hot water, but then again, if that’s not that big of a deal for you, then the choice is pretty clear: you would want to go for the Maytag. But if getting straight tap hot water is essential to you then you might want to take a look at what the Speed Queen has.


I certainly wouldn’t be ashamed to sell either one of these machines at my store. But honestly, I’m a little bit prouder to sell the Maytag over the Speed Queen. I can sell the Speed Queens washing machine anyway, but you get what I’m saying I can’t justify somebody paying $250 more for a washing machine that is not quite as good as the Maytag and has two years less of a warranty, it just doesn’t make sense to me.


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