LG Twin Wash Washing machine Review

LG Twin Wash Washing machine Review| Features | Price

LG Twin Wash Washing machine Review

The machine facilitates washing a different kind of clothes in the two separate chambers, all at the same time. The beauty of LG Twin Wash lies in the fact that both the washing units are independent of each other and can be used separately as well.

Suppose someday you have a couple of clothes to be washed; you can choose to use the smaller 3.5 Kg capacity and save on your electricity and other resources.

Of course, how can I not mention that the LG Twin Wash is absolutely top of the line, with never before seen features, including that of Smart Wash? Which means you can now connect the LG Twin Wash with Wi-Fi and command your washing machine from your mobile phone.

Now isn’t that wow!!! Have a look — super-efficient on Utility, High on Comfort and Uber Stylish. Now, who would have thought that you could operate a washing machine, at the click of the screen of your cell phone or smartphone and without mixing up your clothes. That’s the magical LG Twin Wash best washing machine for you.

Features of the LG Twin Wash Washing machine

1. Mini Washer

LG has developed an ideal solution for this household and millions like it. It’s an industry-first LG twins wash system with the mini washer. This twin wash system offers two washers in the space of one with.

People are now able to divide and conquer by doing two loads of laundry at once. A large

load in the chief washer and a smaller more specialized load in the world’s

first mini washer in the pedestal.

While this mini washer may be small in stature, LG equipped it with the same direct-drive motor that LG famous for that Powers ten-year warranty. You can buy the mini washer separately and use it with any existing LG front load washer. The chief packing takes care of the everyday laundry items, and mini machine handles the little loads of intimates and workout gear, delicate knits, and so on.

What’s the result significant savings of time and effort and probably most importantly, the household bandwidth what’s more with all these clothing.

Items being taken care of at once washing times are significantly reduced, leaving even more time for the family to spend on the things that they want to do.

2. New Design

The new design concept enables users to take advantage of a second washer without actually having to have additional space in the house. This newly designed front load washer door is positioned 21 millimeters higher, and the drum angled at a 6-degree angle. It makes the unit much more accessible as users no longer have to bend over to put in the clothes or take them out.

3. Faster Wash Time

So, LG twin wash system isn’t the only way made doing laundry less of a hassle. LG enters Energy Star certified washers are equipped with some fantastic features that will save laundry time and electricity and water too.

Take, for example, the mega capacity front load washer with turbo wash comes with new, improved turbo wash technology. Washing has never been faster in fact savings of up to 30 minutes per load, even on large Loads.

How does it work?

Briefly, twin nozzles at the front of the washer are used to spray a concentrated detergent solution directly onto the clothes. While a high-pressure nozzle from above sprays tiny water particles down through the clothes during the high spin cycles for quick and effective rinsing.

4. LG smart think technology

LG smart think technology. Custom cycles can be uploaded to the washer cycle statuses and can be monitored remotely, and users can be sent alerts when the cycle is complete. Energy monitoring feature provides valuable data. While the innovative home chat service allows users to know the status of the washing machine by merely texting it with their smartphones.

5. Easy Load

Newly designed top load dryer features easy to load. Its two-way open-door system allows users to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer quickly.

So they no longer have to bend over or risk dropping clean clothes onto the floor.

Top load Energy Star certified washer features the largest capacity in the market today. So a consumer can clean a king-size comforter and a full set of bedding in one load with optimal efficiency significant time savings.

6. New Turbo Steam Dryer

So, with all the thought, LG put it in the washing machines; however, they haven’t forgotten what needs to happen when the wash is done. We have to dry clothes.

New turbo steam dryer ejects steam directly into fabrics eliminating dirt odors quickly efficiently and cuts down on pricey dry-cleaning bills

7. New Heat Pump Technology

LG in Q4 is the first to introduce an eco-hybrid dryer, and now they continue to roll it out nationwide. It combines conventional vented drying with a proprietary heat pump that recycles heat, helping to reduce energy consumption by up to 53 percent dramatically.

It’s so advanced that the EPA awarded it with the first 2014 energy gene technology award. It’s breakthrough innovations reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. LG new line of Energy Star certified dryers are new Energy Star category for 2015. Its new washers and of course the mini washer represents the next level of wash.

LG twin wash Review

This washing machine is a Beast and very easy to operate. This machine comes with an LG registered Twin wash technology. It provides you with the Large capacity of 21.5 KG. It lets you wash two different loads at the same time with a mini pedestal washer. With the mini washer, you can wash smaller loads of delicate clothes, hand washables, and workout clothes or use them separately just for smaller loads.

This washing machine is the best as it is equipped with six motion direct drive technology. Let be briefly explain to you how does it work.

LG 12/8 kg Fully Automatic Twin Load Washer with Dryer with In-built Heater Silver  (FH6G1BCHK6N_F8K5XNK4)  – LG Twin Wash Price

Once you select a wash program, the drum moves in multiple motions for an optimal wash. Then it uses a 6 step cleaning process including scrubbing, stepping, tumbling, filtering, swinging and rolling much like hand washing.

Here the bottom pedestal uses three other motions wave force, agitating and swing. In turn, your clothes receive proper care without the fabric getting damaged, ensuring your clothing staying as good as new.

This LG washing machine also gives you optimum washing performance because of its inverter control technology. This feature generates fewer fluctuations and consumes the exact amount of electricity at every step. It does not save only water but also saves energy, which is a significant saving on your electricity bills.


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