How to whiten clothes

How to whiten clothes with bleach and aspirin and some laundry hacks !!!

How to whiten clothes with bleach

Are you guys tired of seeing your favorite white clothes turning grey? Do you guys want a simple hack of “How to Whiten your clothes?”. Then you are are in the right place.

Well, in this post I have come up with some brilliant laundry hacks that will help you turn your grey clothes into whitest white. we all know that everyone has one clothes in their home. For example, I only like to use white towels, white washcloths I even use white dish towels in the kitchen.

So several of you ladies have inquired sand on how to keep them white all the time. So let’s start with some methods to keep your clothed white.  If you are looking to by a new washing machine then do check Best washing machines.

How to whiten clothes with bleach

How to whiten clothes with bleach

Fabric bleach is used for cleaning the laundry it not only whitens and brightens the clothes but it also helps to remove stubborn stains on the clothes. However, commercial fabric bleach contains chlorine. Chlorine, when used on colored clothes, can react and may fade the color of the fabric.

Similarly, if this chlorine bleach comes in contact with your skin, it may lead to skin irritation like burning and itching sensations and also may damage your skin. A good alternative to these commercial chlorine bleaches is natural bleaches which can be made from a few ingredients easily found in the kitchen.

These natural bleaching ingredients are very effective, cheap, and most importantly, they are non-toxic, and hence, they do not damage the fabric or the color of our clothes.

So now let’s see how we can make these non-toxic bleaches at home.


One of the best ingredients to use as natural bleach is lemon juice. Lemon juice is a solvent that breaks down substances that can stain clothing, and it is as a natural dirt cleaner bleach and sanitizer it also whiten up the garments.

To bleach our clothes using this ingredient, we just need to add 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of lemon juice along with your regular laundry detergent.

You may even pre-soak your white clothes and lemon juice for better results. To make this free soaking solution, we need to take

  • 1 liter of water
  • Add sliced lemon to it
  • Now bring this to a boil
  • Switch off the stove and let it dissolve

After about 5 minutes while the water is still hot, add your clothes or linens. Let this soak for an hour and then wash them as usual.

Now let me tell you how we can use white vinegar as a bleach for your clothes. It is an excellent fabric softener and your Dreiser. The acetic acid in white distilled vinegar does not harm garments still it is powerful to mix residues left by detergents.

To use this ingredient as a fabric bleach simply take 1/4 cup of white vinegar to add five drops of lavender oil and mix it well. This will hide the unpleasant vinegar odor. Add to this a bucket of water and mix the clothes and let it soak for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Remove and rinse with fresh water if needed, then let it dry. Using white vinegar results in brighter and clearer colors. Make sure you use lemon juice to brighten only white clothes as it may fade other colors.

Never add vinegar with chlorine bleach as this will result in harmful fumes.
Do not use vinegar on silk a

Rin Ala Bleach – 500 ml

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Use Baking Soda to Whiten Your Clothes – it’s Amazing!

Baking soda makes an excellent deodorant as well as a natural cleaning agent. When you use it to wash and clean your clothes it will enhance the effects of the detergent and help keep your white clothes even whiter.+

In addition to that, it also keeps your washing machine clean.

Advantages of using baking soda for laundry

When you use baking soda to clean your clothes you protect the environment. Regular detergent is known to contain aggressive ingredients that can be harmful to the planet. Baking soda softens the water used for washing clothes.

In addition to that, it promotes the formation of lots of suds. This helps balance the pH levels of the water in the washing machine. so your clothes will be whiter and cleaner than ever before.

Did you know that baking soda is an excellent fabric softener?

Add half a cup to your rinse cycle. If you have stained clothing, even though it might be strong, stubborn, or sticky, baking soda can also be a great help. If you wash it with cold (instead of hot) water during a pre-wash, your colors will be brighter and the whites will look whiter.

Pre-wash your clothing

If you want to take advantage of its deodorizing properties, it’s a good idea to soak your clothes in a baking soda solution overnight. This will give it time to effectively eliminate bad odors from your clothing.

It’s a great option for towels and other items that smell of tobacco, smoke, mold, or sweat.

  • 1 cup of baking soda (200 g).
  • 4 liters of water.

What should you do?

Combine these two ingredients in a bucket or large bowl. Add your clothing and soak them well. If necessary, add more water.

Leave your clothes to soak overnight and they’ll be ready to wash the next day.

Baking soda in the washing machine. You can add a half a cup of baking soda to the washing machine once it’s completely filled with water, pouring it in so it dissolves immediately. Then you’ll continue your wash cycle as usual.

If you’re washing a lot of clothes in one load, you can add up to a whole cup of baking soda. Vinegar is another interesting ingredient when it comes to cleaning. Adding a cup of white vinegar will improve the deodorizing effects of baking soda.

Dry clothing outdoors

The best way to dry your clothes that previously smelled of smoke, mold, or sweat is to hang them outside. Letting them dry in the sun and the wind will eliminate the last of any odors. Even on a cold winter day, you can still hang your clothing outside. Just choose a place where they’re exposed to the sun. You can also use a dryer. Once the dry cycle has ended, it’s a good idea to smell your laundry and decide if you need to wash it again.


So these were all the hacks that you can use to whiten your clothes. If you like the post then please do check our other posts like best Front Load Washing Machine, Top Load Washing Machine, Semi-Automatic Washing Machine, and Fully Automatic Washing Machines in India 2019 and a lot more.

Do you have any laundry hacks or tips of your own? tell us in the comments below.


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