How to Use a Convection Microwave | All Modes of Microwave & Utensils Explained

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to Indian Home Appliances Today in this post, we will learn All Modes & Functions of Microwave. Basically we will learn how to use a convection microwave oven?

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We will also see different recipes that we can prepare using all these modes of Microwave Plz read this post till the end, as I have also shown utensils used in different modes. Let’s Get Started Before using Microwave Pls check the Glass turntable For Proper fixing. If the table is not rotating manually, it is fixed correctly, and Microwave is Ready. 

When you put any food item in your Microwave Select Time from the timing panel, you can see a screen displaying Micro on it. It means Micro Mode is ON Pressing start button after selecting time then your Microwave will start in Micro Mode. If you want to stir or check the food item in between then press stop button and when you again press the start button, then your microwave clock will start from there only.

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Power Levels

Very few people know about the Microwave power level button. If I press it once, then the screen will display HI means “High Power.” My Microwave is 900 W output, and it will supply full power. Similarly, if I press it again, then it shows 90 means 90% of 900 W output will be supplied. If i press it continuously, then it will reach a minimum of ten means it will supply output power of 10% of 900 W.

These Power levels can be divided into three parts as High, Medium & Low power.

  • High Power level: High power level we will use in Boiling water, Roasting Nuts. 
  • Medium Power level: Medium power level we can use Cooking custard. 
  • Low Power level: Low power we can use in Melting Chocolates & Soften Ice cream.

Grill Mode

Whenever we use Grill mode, we need to use a high rack. This high rack you must have got with your Microwave. We have to keep food items on this high rack only Because the grill is on top portion & this will help in fast browning. If you want to Grill more quantity of food at a time using this type of arrangement as shown but remember that top layer will get more grilled than the bottom, so interchange items during the process. I will suggest the use of double rack arrangements only for Microwave having capacity more than 25 liters.

Press the Grill button to operate Grill mode; then, the screen will display grill. It means Grill Mode is ON, then select the time from the Timing panel. Suppose I want to run this for 15 mins then I will select 15 mins and press the start button then my grill mode will start for 15 min. Similarly, we can grill Paneer Tikka, Grilled Sandwich, Pizza, etc. 

Convection Mode

Whenever we want to Bake in Convection mode, then, we will press the convection button the screen will display “CONV” it means that our convection mode is ON. My Oven temperature range is from 110 Celcius to 200 Celcius. If I want to bake a cake at 180 Celcius, then we need to continuously press the convection button until the screen display 180 Celcius, then the select time from the timing panel. 

For example, 25 mins and press the start button & our oven will start at 180 Celcius for 25 mins. Please make sure for the baking oven should be preheated. For baking cakes, you can use Aluminium cake tins for cookies & biscuits you can use the metal tray Came along with your Microwave. For cupcakes, Silicone or aluminum molds like shown can also be used.

Micro+Grill Button

When you press Micro+Grill Button, then the screen will display Micro & Grill. Along with this combination, we get two options C1 & C2. When you press the Micro+ Grill button again, you will get the C1 option, which has 30% Micro & 70% Grill cooking. In this, you can do more browning & less cooking.

When you press the Micro+ Grill button Twice, you will get the C2 option, which is having 55% Micro & 45% Grill cooking. Select the time from the timing panel & then press the start button.

Micro+Convection mode

Our last mode is Micro+Convection mode; when we will press the Micro+Convection button, you will Get four options as Combo 1, Combo 2, Combo 3 & Combo 4.

  • In C1 option Microwave will be in Full power & Convection will be on 110 Celcius.
  • In C2 option Microwave will be in Full power & Convection will be on 140 Celcius.
  • In C3 option Microwave will be in Full power & Convection will be on 170 Celcius. 
  • In C4 option Microwave will be in Full power & Convection will be on 200 Celcius.

We can select the desired combination by pressing that button to select the time from the timing panel & press start button; then, our combination mode will start. If you like the post and you want more such post, Let me know by commenting below.

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