How to clean a fridge

How to clean a fridge/Refrigerator with fridge Cleaner

There are two essential laws of any cleaning routine: How to clean a fridge

First Law: The amount of effort required for cleaning is inversely proportional to how well things are organized. Less organized means more cleaning efforts and vice versa.

Second law:  whatever the date or time is, it’s never too late to organize and clean your stuff around. Any time is a good time, and you don’t need any special occasion to start your cleaning.

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Let’s begin with the step by step process of cleaning the fridge. The best time to clean your refrigerator is when your fridge is nearly empty, or your grocery shopping is due. If your fridge has a bad odor, try to put some baking soda on the fridge shelves and leave it for 30 minutes, and then you can start cleaning your refrigerator. Baking Soda works wonders in removing bad smells. If there is any spillage in the fridge, use the paper towel to remove all the remains from the fridge before starting the cleaning process.

Step by Step Fridge Cleaning process:

Step 1: The first step is to switch off the supply and disconnect the power chord. Now, let’s start emptying the fridge by removing all the food items from the primary fridge and door shelves and keeping them nearby. It’s a good idea to clean the freezer at the end so that the food items stay cold for the longest time.

Note: Always buy shelf liners for your fridge to quickly clean your fridge without any effort and avoid spillage of food items.

Step 2: Start removing shelf liners from all the shelves and remove dirt from them. After that, remove all the shelves from the Refrigerator.

Step 3: Now sprinkle the dish soap spray mixed with water in all the inner parts of the fridge except the vents. Then use a microfabric cloth to wipe out all the dish soap from the fridge gently. Use a new spray for the remaining portions. Now spray some liquid on the cloth and clean the area around the vents.

Cleaning the fridge with cleaner

Step 4: Clean the main shelf glasses with the vinegar and water solution to just clean and wipe. Now clean the crisper box using the same spray.

Step 5: Wash the chiller tray and shelf liners in the kitchen sink with dish soap and tap water.

Step 6: Leave all the shelves and trays for 30 minutes to get them air-dried.

Step 7: Start putting back all the shelves and trays once they are dried. First of all, put all the main shelves, crisper box and the chiller tray at the original positions.

Cleaning the fridge with cleaner

Step 8: Place back all the shelf liners on the surface of the fridge. These liners are efficient in keeping the fridge cleaner for a more extended period. If any spillage happens, then wipe off the stains or remove the liners and get it cleaned. They save time, energy, and help in rapid cleaning. 

Step 9: Start organizing all the items back to the fridge as they were previously arranged. Try to wipe off all the food items before you store them again in the refrigerator and remove all the expiry date items as it can also destroy the nutritional value of other food items.

Note: Don’t forget to put a jar of baking soda inside the fridge as it helps remove bad odor and smell. In 2020, many brands have come up with unique technologies that remove all the bad odors from the refrigerator. However, if you use a conventional fridge, then baking soda will be helpful for you.

Step 10: Now let’s move to the freezer section, we have to apply the same method to clean the freezer as we used the main fridge area.

Step 11: Use the toothbrush and earbuds for the area around the vents where all the dirt and food is accumulated for good cleaning effect.

Step 12: Now clean the rubber gasket, which is ignored by many people. Spray the cleaning solution and use the earbuds to remove all the accumulated dirt and food particles from the rubber gasket. Use a soft toothbrush for the tough stains and wipe it off with the kitchen towel.

Step 13: Now, put the rack and other pieces of equipment in the freezer section. 

It completes the inner cleaning of the fridge, and now let’s go to the outer section of the refrigerator.

Step 14: Remove any stickers and magnets from the door of the refrigerator. Spray the cleaner on the surface of the fridge and wipe it off with a towel and use the same process for the rest of the outer body of the refrigerator.

Note: Using a micro fabric cloth is recommended for the outer part of the fridge. It avoids any scratches on the body of the refrigerator.

Final Step: Put the plug back in and switch on the fridge. 

I hope you might have enjoyed this whole process of cleaning the fridge. Believe me, if you keep your fridge organized and clean all the time, this process will hardly take 15 to 20 minutes to clean your refrigerator. This process needs to be done only once every two months. It is an absolutely stress-free and easy way to maintain a clean and organized fridge. 


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