Copper Condenser vs. Aluminium Condenser in Air Conditioner

There is too much hype created in the market about Copper Condenser vs. Aluminium Condenser, which is better for an Air conditioner. What should a person Buy? Whenever we talk about buying an air conditioner, we also talk about the condenser coils and Metal used. You might have heard that Copper is better than the aluminum Coil; however, many big companies are indeed manufacturing Air conditioners with Aluminium coil condensers. What is the reason for making aluminum Coil if Copper is better?

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Copper Coil vs Aluminium coil in AC - Which is better?

In this post, we will learn about various condenser coil and the Metal used in it. We will also learn that Metal is more superior than the other and their advantages and disadvantages. We will also learn about the first-ever company to used Copper condenser Coil and when they start using it.

Before everything, let’s understand that it was the first time aluminum was used to make condenser coil. So, guys, AC is an ancient invention, and many companies making ACs from the old days; however, ACs used to be very expensive in those days. Many brands start thinking about reducing AC’s cost to consumers so that AC can become an affordable commodity. Hence, companies can increase their Sales. General Electric brand was the first company to use the Aluminium condenser coil in their HVAC systems during 1970 to reduce the cost of an AC.

HVAC systems are the Heating Ventilating air conditioner Units, which are usually used in malls, Plants, Offices, Schools, and Hospitals. When General Electric successfully used Aluminium in HVAC systems, they realized that they could reduce air conditioners’ cost. That thing happened, and they were successful in making ACs an affordable home appliance. 

From the above information, we can conclude that the use of aluminum in the condenser coil is an ancient concept. It has its benefits; that is why it has been used since the 1970s.

Copper Condenser vs. Aluminium Condenser

Copper Coil vs Aluminium coil in AC - Which is better?

Difference In Copper Condenser vs. Aluminium Condenser

We have learned that aluminum coil is not bad; let us talk about the differences between Copper Condenser vs. Aluminium Condenser.

  1. Heat Transfer: Conddensor’s main job in an AC is to collect the heat from the core and toss it outward. Your AC absorbs the heat, and condenser throws that heat out. So the Metal, which is used in the capacitor, must be a superior quality heat exchanger. If we compare aluminum and Copper, Copper beats aluminum in this area as Copper is a far better Heat exchanger than aluminum.
  2. Cost Factor: It is a general fact that Copper is costlier than the Aluminium; that is the reason you will always find aluminum condenser coil in a budgeted or inexpensive AC.
  3. Flexibility: Flexibility is essential because the labor cost of melting Aluminium and Copper is different. Molding a hard metal is a tough job and requires more time, hence increasing the price of labor. Melting cooper is a tough job as Copper is tough to melt in a sharp share; therefore, more Copper is used in an AC, which leads to an increase in the sale price of an AC. This task is quickly done in an aluminum; therefore, ACs with an aluminum condenser coil are cheaper than the Copper ACs.
  4. Corrosion: The simple meaning of corrosion is when some metal or good is prone to rust, then its called corrosion. If there is moisture in the air, then no metal is safe from rust, so both Aluminium and Copper are prone to rust. In this case, we can’t say which Metal is better to tackle corrosion as both metals can get rust on them. However, many companies are working on the corrosion puzzle by making a Gold coating Condensor, Black coating Condenser, and Blue coating Condensor, which saves the condenser from rust to an extent. 
Copper Condenser vs. Aluminium Condenser

5. Leaking Problem: Copper Condensor has an advantage over aluminum as if there is any leakage in the copper condenser, then you can rectify that issued at home quickly. However, if the same problem happens in the Aluminium Condensor, you might have to replace the whole condenser, which will increase your maintenance cost.

6. Maintenance: Maintaining a Copper Coil condenser is an effortless task as you can clean it with little water pressure, and it will remove all the dirt. However, cleaning an aluminum coil is very complicated as aluminum metal is very soft. You can’t even clean it with water pressure as it can dispair the condenser, so you might have to call the maintenance guy who will increase your maintenance cost.

7. Repairing:  Copper condensers are easily repairable as they can be repaired on sight. You don’t have to open the entire air conditioner unit unless and until the whole pipe gets damaged. On the other hand.

I hope you might have got a basic idea of the difference in Copper Condenser vs. Aluminium Condenser and copper coils are better the aluminum coils. However, you must also note that ACs with copper condensers are more expensive than aluminum-based AC. Sometimes we buy a cheap AC which is under our budget. Still, that cost increase in the future due to its high maintenance like it happens in aluminum Condensor ACs. So I would advise you to put some extra money into buying an air conditioner so that you don’t have to run for repairs every other day.

Copper Condenser vs. Aluminium Condenser

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