Cleaning an Air Conditioner (AC) at Home

Cleaning an Air Conditioner (AC) at Home

Air Conditioner (AC) is your most prominent companion in giving you a chilling experience in the hot summer. If your Air Conditioner (AC) is taking too much load to provide you with a soothing experience of cooling, you should also be responsible for Cleaning your Air Conditioner (AC) from time to time so that it continues to give you cold air. Today we will talk about Cleaning a split Air Conditioner (AC) with two components, namely AC(Indoor Unit), which are often found in a quadrangular shape, and the other is Condensor (Outdoor unit), which is a big container with a Fan in it. 

As we all know, nobody can run away from dirt no matter how clean you keep your house. Therefore it is mandatory to clean your all home appliance, including Air conditioner almost every 3 Months. We have divided the cleaning process into two parts: cleaning the indoor unit and cleaning the Outdoor unit. You don’t have to spend even a single penny to clean your AC; you only need a ladder or a Stool to reach the Air Conditioner (AC) level.

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Cleaning Of Indoor Unit :

Step 1 – Cover Indoor with Trash Bag: The primary reason you are opening your Air Conditioner (AC) is to clean it so that you can’t fill your floor with Filth. Therefore, it is necessary to cover your Air Conditioner (AC) with Cleaning Bag or Waste bag so that no dirt gathers in your room when you take out the Internal parts. I would recommend using an elastic pouch so that it can be flexible with the size of your Air Conditioner (AC), and you can adjust it accordingly. You can see the Elastic bag in the Picture below, and you purchase it online.

1Pc Air Conditioner Waterproof Cleaning Cover Dust Washing Clean ...

Step 2 – Turn off the Main Power Switch of both Units:  This is a critical step as cleaning an Air Conditioner (AC) without plugging can be dangerous. Therefore you should remove the Air Conditioner (AC) plug, Condensor plug, and the main switch of your home off. 

275AMP Battery Main Switch(On-Off) 2 Position Dual Battery Switch ...

Step 3 – Remove Air Filters: To remove the Air filters, you first need to remove the AC’s front panel. You can do that by pulling the grooves at the side of the AC, and the front panel will be removed easily. The next step is to pull out all air rectangular shape air filters from the Air Conditioner (AC). These air filters are the most Dirt thing will find hile cleaning your Air Conditioner (AC). once you have Cleaned these air filters, your 80% Job is done as the Air filters can be so dirty that you will not be able to even see you your face through them.

How to Change the AC Filter - Service Champions HVAC

Step – 4 Soak the removed air filters with detergent: First, put the Air filters under the running water tap where it will remove all the dirt from the Air filters. Once all the dust is removed, take a Tub and put some water and detergent mixture and then place the air filters inside the tub, clean air filters gently. Once you have cleaned all air filters, set them aside to let it Air-dry.

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Step 5 – Cleaning Cooling Coil/Fins: Cleaning cooling fins can be a tricky process as you might have to remove the nut bolt of your indoor units and remove the whole panel to get a clear view of cooling fins. The cooling fins resemble a set of silvery threads from where the cold air comes out.

How to Clean a Room Air Conditioner — The Family Handyman
  • Once you have eliminated the panel, You first have to remove all the dirt and grimes using a clean and dry cloth, Or you can use a Vaccum cleaner to blow off all the dust.
  • Further, You will need to jar of water with some cleanser and a toothbrush. You have to dip the toothbrush in water and softly clean all the fins with the toothbrush. However, if you want to spend some money, you can buy a no-rinse evaporator spray specially made to clean the cooling fins.
  • Note: You need to be extra careful while cleaning cooling fins as they are very delicate, and too much pressure can ruin its shape.

Step 6 – Cleaning Other Parts: Once you have cleaned the significant parts like Air filters and Cooling Fins, then the next step is to take a Cleaning liquid-like Colin and spray it all over the ac and the clean it with newspaper or White cloth.

Step 7 – Replace the air filters: Now, since you have successfully cleaned all the parts of indoor units, its time to put back air filters at their original conditions. Before that, you have to put back the external panel, which you removed to clean Cooling Fins and then put the Air filter as per the User manual.

Step 8 – Clean connecting pipes: Disconnect the inlet and outlet pipes that combine both the AC and condenser units. Use the vacuum cleaner to blow dry all the dirt and waste inside the ducts and then use a pressured water to remove any blockage inside the pipes and set them aside for air dry.

Step 9 – Switch on AC: Put the switch on and check whether AC is working fine or not if everything is fine and put off the plug and move to the outdoor unit.

Cleaning of outdoor Unit:

Step 10 – Cleaning the Condensor Fins: Cleaning the condenser fin is a straightforward process; you only need a Toothbrush and jar of water, which you already have and repeat the same method you used to clean Cooling coils. 

  • However, Condenser coil might have more stubborn dirt in the outside atmosphere, so you might have used a knife and slid it through the condenser fins to clean out that clogged and stubborn dirt. 
  • Once you have cleaned all the stubborn dirt, the next step is to clean the fins with water pressure and leave it to air dry.

Step 11 – Cleaning of Fan: You will have to remove all the nuts bolts of the outdoor units to take out the outdoor unit’s Fan. Take a clean, dry cloth to clean all the dirt from then Fan and then spray some water to clean the remaining soil.

After that, place back all the parts and switch on the plug and enjoy the fresh air from your newly cleaned AC. I hope you might like the simple but effective method of Cleaning an Air Conditioner (AC) at Home. 

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