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Best Washing Powders (Detergent) in India 2021| Scientifically Proven

Best Washing Powders (Detergents) in India For Washing Machines 2021

We see some cheap and some costly washing powders/detergents whenever we go in the market to buy washing powders/detergents for washing machines. You might also think that what’s the reason for such vast price differences between washing powders/detergents. As some of the detergents are less than 50Rs/Kg and some are more than 200Rs/Kg. We also see some TV advertisements for Nirma in which they say things like “Washing Powder Nirma, Doodh Si Safedi……..Sabki Pasand Nirma.”

But let me tell you one thing, in this post, you will get to know that Nirma is the worst washing powder ever.

Is it true that washing powders/detergents with high price wash clothes better and take care of our environment better than the cheap washing powder?

What is the best washing powder in India?

We will try to answer all these answers in this post. We will also test the best washing powder available in India 2019 for the washing machine to let you know which washing powder. This post will also cover some other facts which are suitable for knowledge. If you want comprehensive reviews on the best washing machines, then you can read that article.

We have made this post taking into consideration the rules of IS 4955: Household Laundry Detergent Powders, and IS201, and these standards are suitable for Household laundry detergent. The Test results shared in this post are based on the test run done by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).

Top Washing Powder (Detergent) brands tested in this test

  1. Surf Excel Matic
  2. Henko Matic
  3. Ariel Matic
  4. Surf Excel Quick wash
  5. Henko Stain Champion
  6. Tide Plus Jasmine and Rose
  7. Rin
  8. Active Wheel
  9. Fena Superwash
  10. Mr. White, Ghadi
  11. Nirma.

There are three grades established for washing powders/detergents in India with names as Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3. These grades is awarded to the washing powders/detergents made by a different company based on some parameters like active ingredients, Quality, and cleaning Quality. However, established brands have never declared a grade given to them because they are not liable to announce grades assigned to their detergent bars or powder in India.

The test results shared are based on Detergency, Active Ingredients, Ash Built-up, Active Alkalinity, Total Phosphates, STPP, Forming Power, and Moisture.

Parameters of Test Results -Washing Powder

1. Detergency

Now let us talk about test results. This first parameter is the Detergency Test. This test is done to measure the ability of washing powder to remove dirt from clothes. As per the rules of Grade 1, 2, and three discussed above, the washing powder must have the Detergency of 65%, 55%, 45% respectively.

Most Detergency found in a different washing powder are as follows:

High – Front Load Washing Machine Category

  • Surf Excel Matic – 77.23%
  • Surf Excel Quick Wash – 75.42%
  • Tide – 57.98%
  • Active Wheel – 52.43%

Low – Front Load Washing Machine Category

  • Nirma – 38.16%

HighTop Load Washing Machine Category

  • Surf Excel Matic – 77.93%
  • Henko Matic – 75.42%
  • Ariel Matic – 72.29%

2. Active Ingredients

Washing powders/detergents is made with the help of Active Ingredients. The washing powder/detergents, which have a high amount of active ingredients, are considered better than the other washing machine powder. Because as per the rules, active ingredients have different standards for different types of grades discussed above. The least amount of active ingredients required are 19%, 16%, and 10%.

Since there is no compulsion for declaration of grades given to different washing powder brands, therefore, no company has announced or declared their grades. However, as per the results of the test done by (NABL), the most active ingredient results are as follows:


  • Surf Excel Matic – 23.70%
  • Surf Excel Quick Wash – 23.36%
  • Henko Matic – 20.96%


  • Nirma – 9.11%

3. Ash Built-up

As per the rules, the maximum amount of ash built-up percentages is Grade1 – 1%, Grade 2 – 5%, Grade 3 – 10%. The lower amount of Ash Built-up represents that the washing powder/detergent is best.


  • Surf Excel Matic – 0.24%
  • Henko Matic – 0.28%
  • Ariel Matic – 0.32%


  • Nirma – 9.11%

4. Active Alkalinity

This test is done to test the ability to neutralize the acid and to check the ability to whiten the clothes. As per the rules, the laid down value of active alkalinity is 15% for Grade 1, 20% for Grade 2, and 30% for Grade 3.

5. Total Phosphate

Total Phosphate is a substance that is not considered suitable for the environment, and a lower quantity of Total Phosphate in a washing powder is a good sign. All the brands tested for this parameter have passed the test.


Sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) is also known as Penta-sodium triphosphate. It is used in washing powder to make the hard water soft. Sodium tripolyphosphate is helpful in cleaning products, water treatment facilities, and food preservatives and used by the manufacturer.


STPP is harmful to the environment, and its less quantity in a washing powder is considered better. All tested brands passed this result as STPP is found in an exact amount.

7. Foaming Power – Foam Generation

This test is run to check the ability of washing powder to form bubbles. There is no standard set for this test in India; however, the consumer needs to know about this test. The detergent powder, which makes a maximum amount of bubbles, is considered to be the best. Most of the bubbles are formed by Surf Excel Matic, Surf Excel Quick Wash, tide, and Active Wheel.

The least amount of bubbles are found in Nirma washing powder.

8. Moisture

Washing powder with the least moisture is considered to be the best detergent. However, there is no set standard on the use of moisture in washing powders/detergents. The moisture found in different washing powders are as follows

Conclusion – 4 Best Washing Powders in India for washing machines

We have divided our verdict into four different parts or categories :

01. Premium Category (Rs.192-Rs.215) Sub-Premium Category ( Rs.112-Rs.190)Regular CategoryEconomy(Rs.43- Rs.60)
In the Premium category, we ave placed those brands which have a price value of between Rs 192 and Rs 215.We have placed medium to high range products in this category.In this Category, we have placed low to medium range washing powder.In this category, we have placed low priced washing powders.
Surf Excel Matic – Buy on Amazon
It’s the Best Choice
Surf Excel Quick Wash – Buy on Amazon is the best choice Tide Plus Jasmine and Rose – Buy on Amazon are the best. The active wheel – Buy on Amazon is the best choice.

One thing that is crystal clear from all the Lab tests discussed above is that the is the most expensive detergent is best in terms of manufacturing quality, wash quality, and environment-friendly. Since no brand has declared its grade quality, therefore, we can’t judge their washing powder based on their grade standards.

I hope that you got some help from all the lab test information discussed above and you will get some help while buying a washing powder of your choice.


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  • You talked about ariel and henko all along but at the end you just put surf excel and tide. Kindly explain. Also, which detergent is the best for normal washing and not washing machine.

    • i added these products to explain the price category and it has nothing to do with the explanation in the post. This doesn't mean I am just recommending these 4 products. Henko also comes in the premium category so i just took surf excel as an example of the premium category and tide as a cheap catogory. I hope that clears your query. Thanks :)

  • Results are displayed for cheap options brands like Mr White, Nirma, Active wheel, Tide eetc. Excellent post

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