11 Best Mattress In India 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

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The Mattress is the one-time investment, and its always linked to health. As we all know, Mattress is used for more than 15 years, so it is crucial to understand which Mattress will suit your body needs as if you make a wrong decision, then it might cause you to damage physically and financially. Therefore it is imperative to find the best Mattress in India regarding your fitness and sleeping habits.

In 2021, there are various types of Mattress in the market, which are made to keep in mind the winter and summer seasons, Mattress for people with spinal problems, mattress for people who like softness, and those who want hardness. There are many kinds of foam using which brands make their mattresses. Many questions like these will come to your mind while choosing the best Mattress in India. Therefore we have made a comprehensive “Buyers Guide” to make it easy for you to find the best Mattress for you, and we have also added a List of bestselling mattresses in India 2021.

Best Mattress In India 2021

Best Mattress
in India
1. Emma Memory Foam MattressMemory Foam20 YearsCheck Price on Amazon
2. SleepX Dual mattress – Medium Soft and HardHigh Density Hard Foam3 YearsCheck Price on Amazon
3. Wakefit Dual Comfort MattressSoft Foam + High Resilience Foam7 Years
4. Sleepyhead Sense Orthopedic Foam MattressMemory Foam
10 YearsCheck Price on Amazon
5. The Sleep Company 2.0 Smart Grid MattressSMART GRID (Stretchable Polymer Gel)
10 Years
6. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & SoftSoft Foam + High Resilience Foam
7 YearsCheck Price on Amazon
7. SleepyCat Latex King Size MattressOrganic Latex
10 YearsCheck Price on Amazon
8. Springtek High-Density Foam MattressPocket Springs + Foam
6 YearsCheck Price on Amazon
9. Shagun Foam MattressHigh Density Foam
5 Years

1) SleepX Dual Best Mattress in India – Medium Soft and Hard

Check Price on Amazon

SleepX Dual Best Mattress in India - Medium Soft and Hard

Sleep Dual mattress is the exclusive range of Sleepwell brand. Sleepwell is a well-known name in the mattress market, and they are also market leaders in India. 

Dual Side: The specialty of this mattress’s specialty is that it is a dual side mattress which has two similar layers on both sides: Softech Quiltech Foam in Quilting. This Quiltech Foam has a diameter of 16mm, and it is filled with PU foam. However, both sides are designed to be used for different purposes.

Soft Surface: On one side, there is an additional High resilience medium-soft form layer (Layer 2) beneath the top layer, which makes that side medium-soft side. The medium-soft side is ideal for every sleeping position. If you are kind of person who doesn’t have any specific preference for mattress firmness, you can use it on Medium Soft Side.  You can also use the Medium soft side in summers as it is better at eliminating your body heat, keeping you cool all the time. 

Hard Surface: On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who has some spinal problems or you don’t like to sink into the mattress. Then you can use the Firmer side. This side of the mattress doesn’t have a high resilience medium-soft form layer; that is why it is a little bit harder and suitable for spinal adjustment. You can also use the Firmer side in winters as it can retain your body heat to keep you warmer for longer.  

Air Mesh Fabric: Another fantastic element of the bedding is the accessibility of air-work texture. It is breathable, which, like this, helps remain and smell new for a significant long time.

Rebonded Foam (Layer 3): Its 3rd layer is rebonded foam, which is 60mm thick, and it can take any weight. So if you are a hefty person with bodyweight above 200 pounds or a very light person, it doesn’t matter as this mattress can take any load easily. 

Warranty and Installation: It comes with a three years comprehensive warranty on the mattress, and it doesn’t require installation and maintenance as it comes preconfigured. 

Recommendation: Seasons change, and so make our sleeping habits. If you prefer sleeping on a hard mattress during winters & on a soft mattress during summers or merely having your individual preference, then the dual mattress is perfect for you. 

2) Wakefit Dual Comfort Best Mattress in India – Hard & Soft

Check Price on Amazon

Wakefit Dual Comfort Best Mattress in India  - Hard & Soft

Just like the sleepX dual mattress, it is also a two-sided reversible mattress. However, its construction and material used are entirely different from the previous one. Now it has become a trend in India to buy a dual bed, so many brands are coming up with this innovation in the market, and people love it. Wakefit is also a well known and durable mattress brand, and we have only covered branded and affordable mattresses in our review list of Best Mattress in India.

Features Overview:

  • It comes with a 7 Year Comprehensive warranty, which is best in this price range. 
  • This invention of this mattress was done in 2016.
  • It weighs 14 Kgs, which is quite manageable. 
  • The primary material used is Polyurethane. 
  • It doesn’t require any installation as it comes preconfigured.
  • It has a thickness of 152 mm, Width of 1778 mm, and length of 1828 mm.

Smart features:

Nonremovable cover: It comes with an elegant and bright-looking white color nonremovable cover that improves your bedroom’s decor. 

Soft Foam: Soft foam side comes with breathable fabric, which lets the air pass through the mattress so that you don’t feel sweaty or uncomfortable during the hot summer. The breathable fabric also helps keep the mattress fresh and dor free, making it more durable and long-lasting. The soft side is ideal for the summer season due to its breathable fabric. If you are a person who likes cloud-like fluffiness and wants to sink into the mattress, then this is the best mattress for you. 

High Resilience Foam: This foam works as a base layer when you use the Soft side of this mattress. However, if you are kind of a person who has some spinal problems and needs spinal support or doesn’t like a too-soft mattress, then you can use this side for sleeping. It is also ideal during winter as it can retain the heat to make you feel warmer.

3) Sleepyhead Sense – 3 Zoned Orthopedic PCM Cooling Foam Best Mattress in India

Check Price on Amazon

Sleepyhead Sense - 3 Zoned Orthopedic PCM Cooling Foam Best Mattress in India

Features overview:

  • Primary Material: Foam; Comfort: Medium Firm
  • 10 Years Manufacturing Warranty
  • Phase Changing Material (PCM) utilized by NASA for ideal temperature guideline
  • Contoured for 3 Zoned Orthopedic Support, 
  • Active Grooves for better air course, 
  • Manufactured in India
  • 100 Nights Trial

Smart Features

Latest in sleep science – PCM technology: PCM innovation is the newest invention in the mattress world that assimilates and redistributes body heat, to keep up an ideal rest temperature. At the same time, you nap joyfully as the night progressed.

3 Zoned support & breathability: The 3-zoned orthopedic is ideal for those who like to change positions during the sleep as it provides pressure points according to different body parts, keeping your spine adjusted.

Responsive memory foam: Its memory foam with serious high-thickness, pressure-diminishing adaptable padding shaping the center layer, pads your body like a cover.

Cooler temperatures for better sleep: Sleepyhead Sense Highlights Cooler temperatures for better rest. 

Multi-layer support for all body types: It doesn’t matter whether you have a sleeping partner or not as this mattress will hug you like a family member with Think cooling foam, comfort foam, memory foam, and an additional layer of support.

Breathable fabric: It is manufactured utilizing the most recent forward leap in the science world, in addition to cooling textures that inhale and flow air better. 

So comfortable, it feels like a luxury.: Solace meets extravagance. The sheer quality, the cooling innovation, and the solace proffer you fantastic rest.

4) SleepyCat Latex 7 Inch 100% Organic Latex Best Mattress in India

Check Price on Amazon

SleepyCat Latex 7 Inch 100% Organic Latex Best Mattress in India

Features overview:

  • Mattress Comfort: Medium Feel
  • Material: 2-inch Natural Latex, 5-inch High-Density Base Support Foam
  • 100% Natural Latex, No Harmful Chemicals
  • Warranty Details: 10 years on mattress

Smart Features

100% Organic Latex: If you have already read about latex foam in our buyers guide provided below, we might already know that it is an eco-friendly and non-toxic material. You can easily slide on the latex mattress as it is more tender than the memory foam mattress. It also eliminates the regeneration of dusty particles, microorganisms, and allergens. 

Smart Zipper Cover: It is equipped with a high GSM sewed texture for solace and adaptability. It is designed to be open from 2 sides so that you can easily clean the particular part without removing the whole cover.

Zero Partner Disturbance; It has a slower moving foam, which means if you have a sleeping partner that moves too much while sleeping, you won’t get disturbed by your partner movement. So one side movement doesn’t affect the other side, so it has no motion transfer for comfortable sleep.

7-Zone Latex Mattress: 7-Zone Latex foam works as a therapy master at home while you are in your sleep. It has seven pressure points zone, namely: Head & Neck Support Zone, Lumber support zone, Thigh and Knee support zone, foot and ankle support zone, shoulder and upper back support zone, Hip support zone, and lower leg support zone. They work individually on different body parts for better spinal adjustment.

6-inch HIGH-Density Foam: A high-density base layer works as a support layer to take the load a hefty person, which enhances the strength and working life of the mattress. 

Breezy Inner Cover: The blustery internal spread is an inward gotten spread that keeps up the froth inside while giving exceptional wind current all through your bedding.

Anti Skid Base: It has an additional anti-skid base specifically designed to stop the erratic movement of mattress from the bed, especially when you have naughty jumping jack kids.

5) Springtek High-Density Foam Mattress

Check Price on Amazon

5) Springtek High-Density Foam Mattress

This mattress is a blessing for those people who have spine problems as this mattress is good for unlimited Spine Relief with its Super hard Spring System. The hard springs are layered with High Tenacity non Woven fabric. This mattress is ideal for all age groups as it is not too firm or soft as it has a perfect in-between comfort that everybody wants. If your kids sleep back or stomach then it would support both positions. Springtek has been working for more than 40 years to bring perfection in the mattress they make by studying the needs of Indian consumers. 

Durable pocket spring system: This mattress is an excellent product with an underlying mixture of comfort and support. It has a deadly combination of class foam and a Durable pocket spring system. Springtek has made sure that when a person wakes up in the morning he should have a refreshing start with unlimited energy to win the day. Now you don’t have to go to a chiropractor as this mattress will automatically align your body in great shape with its quality PU foam and a secure pocket spring system.

Elegent Design: Since the mattress also enhances the bedroom look, therefore, Springtek has given it a stylish and elegant top layer with knitted Quilted Fabric with a feather touch for a softer feel. Moreover, this top layer is invented with knitted fabric which has an excellent airflow to let a person breathe easily which also enhances the overall physical health.

Anti-microbial technology: You can take delicate care of your mattress for a longer life however you can not avoid the unwanted bad odor, sweat Dirt particles, or your favorite coconut oil. Springtek has made this mattress with an Anti-microbial technology that not only keeps away such dirty particles but also eliminates soil insects, allergens, and microbial Bacteria. 

Zero Partner Disturbance: This mattress has passed many quality checks to make sure that when your partner comes to sleep on the other side of the mattress then its independent pocket layer constructed with tempered steel coils doesn’t let your partner ruin your sleep.

Back Support: It comes with a 4 layer namely Quilted fabric for better look and breathability, Foam support for softness, felt support, and Pocket Spring System for zero motion transfer and unlimited back support. These layers with different sizes support different parts of the body uniquely. This mattress is specially designed for free movers and people with back problems and this mattress work with the flow of your body so that your body doesn’t have to adapt to the mattress.

6) Emma Comfort King Size Memory Foam Best Mattress in India

Check Price on Amazon

Emma Comfort King Size Memory Foam Best Mattress in India

Features Overview:

  • 100 days of free trial and full refund if you do not like it
  • 20 Years of manufacturer’s warranty
  • Available in 13 different bed sizes
  • Three layers: Airgocell-layer| visco-elastic memory foam layer| polyurethane foam support layer.
  • The 3D meshed outer layer, which makes the mattress moisture-free.

I’m going to be taking a look at the Emma mattress. Now Emma designs and builds their mattresses in the UK. They have an all-foam version as well as a hybrid version. Today I’m going to be reviewing the all-foam version of the Emma mattress and putting it through a few tests. 

Smart Features:

Return Period and Warranty: There’s a 100 night trial period a ten-year warranty, and shipping and returns are free.

Cover Build Quality: I’m going to start the review looking at the construction of Emma. We’re going, beginning with the cover. It’s pretty elastic. It’s also pretty thin so that it will help with breathability some airflow through the mattress. The light cover means it’s not going to interfere with the feeling of the foam layers of the mattress.


Ergo Cell Foam: So now that we’ve talked about the cover, let’s get a look underneath at the mattress layers. On top, we have a comfort layer, it’s called there ergo cell foam, and It has got a rapid response to pressure and type of medium firmness to it. Also, I am supposed to have an open substructure that will help temperature regulation cooling again. You want to be careful with some foams you don’t want to overheat during the midnight as some foams can trap body heat. 

Memory Foam: One of those foams is a memory foam, which is our next layer down. Now memory foam is excellent for letting you sink in. It’s great for pressure relief, which is important. Still, it can trap a lot of body heat, so by placing it underneath this ergo cell foam, they’ve defended against that trapping of body heat and protect it against kind of a stuffed feeling in a mattress. You have this quick response to that top layer’s pressure combined with the memory foam beneath it. You get a little bit 1of pressure relief and cooling on top. 

High-density polyfoam: Now, at the base here, your support layer is this high-density polyfoam. It’s substantial acts to support the layers above it and the sleeper on top of the mattress.

7 Zones Spine support: I wanted to point out that there are these channels cut into the EMMA at specific locations it zoned to allow for your shoulders, your hips some places like that to sink in strategically which is going to help with spine alignment. You know I will say zoning like this is pretty rare among foam mattresses. You do see it in a few different brands, so it’s a charming touch that will help you know you feel more comfortable—spine alignment, especially when lying on your side.

Firmness: It’s time I get an idea for the feel and firmness of Emma Mattress. So when you press into the cover, you will notice that it is very bouncy. It’s got that quick response to pressure. So it’s going to help you feel more on top of the mattress then stuck in it. I will say that it is a little bit firmer than I was expecting it to be. It is a bed in a box, so it comes compressed, and when you take it out of the plastic, it does need a little bit of time to decompress. I’ve had this mattress out of the box for about two days now. I will say the difference between a few hours to the next day and out to days after is pretty different so if you do get the Emma don’t judge it right away, make sure you give yourself enough time to let it decompress out of the mattress before you sleep on it. It is kind of a medium firmness edging towards a firmer feel that mat may change a little bit as you sleep on it. 

Sleep Positions: You will feel more on top of the mattress with that quick response to pressure from the comfort layer’s foam. You will be sinking in a little bit get a little bit of back support, but again you can change positions, and you won’t feel like you fall into the mattress. If you sleep on your side, you concentrate your weight over a smaller service area. It pushes your shoulders and your hips further into the mattress you end up interacting with the firmer support layers of a mattress which at times can cause some issues with pressure.

Spine Alignment: Emma has taken steps to help with that spine alignment allow you to sink further into the mattress even though I did say that I’ve found that the comfort layer is kind of that medium-firm to a firm, and maybe you think 7 out of 10. 

With 10 being the furnace, the channels that are cut into that support layer will help allow your shoulders to sink further in you know to allow your spine to align in a good position. In that position, which is a nice feature for the Emma and I’m going to roll onto my stomach, you know stomach sleepers are the opposite of side sleepers tending to prefer firmer mattresses. Basically, with a firmer mattress, it does an excellent job of keeping her hips from sinking and mattress keep your spine aligned in a good position. Again, in my opinion, Emma is you know 7 out of 10. the firm is a scale which is pretty good for stomach sleepers.

Recommendation: So combined with the quick response of pressure and the comfort layer and the low sinkage numbers here, you’re going to feel like you’re sitting on top of the mattress more so than sinking into it. You’re going to be able to change resistance easily. I like the Emma mattress, and some of the reasons I think it’d be a good fit for you is if you’re a combo sleeper.


  • I also like the Emma for its zoned support you know we saw the kind of channels cut into that high-density polyfoam support layer, so even on your side, it’s going to help you sink into the mattress a little bit. It’s going to help with spinal alignment, and finally, 
  • I would recommend Emma because of its breathability. There’s that thin cover, which is nice to allow airflow through it.
  • The Comfort layer is built with an open-celled structure, which again helps with breathability and temperature regulation and cooling to defend against overheating during the middle of the night.


  • I found that the edge support of the mattress wasn’t that strong, meaning that when I lied close to the mattress’s side, it collapsed the side of it a little bit. So you’re not going to be able to use the entire surface area. If you do sleep with a partner means there’s a little bit less of the bed.
  • You saw a high disturbance transfer during the motion transfer portion of the review. So if you do have a partner that kind of rolls around during the middle of the night might disturb you a little bit. 
  • Now I would also say that might not be for you if you are looking for a plush feel sinking into the mattress. Some people like the contouring hug of memory foam; you’re not going to get that out of the Emma mattress.

There are some general recommendations, but if you are looking for personal advice, please feel free to leave a note in the comment section below.

7. Wake-Up Firm Luxuriate Orthopedic Hybrid Memory Foam Pocket King Size Spring Hybrid Mattress (78x72x8 Inch, Standard)

  • This hybrid mattress offers a good combination of bounce motion, isolation cooling, and conforming which is what appeals to most sleepers all together. 
  • with 20.32 cm thickness and weighs, 43.68 KG which makes it ideal for even a queen-size bed inside it combines one and a half inches of cooling Avena top layer, one and a half inches of memory foam, one inch of support foam, and a six-inch innerspring layer with over 1,000 individually wrapped gauge coils together. they reduce the stuck in the mud feeling by offering you the best motion isolation, more bounce, better airflow, and deeper contouring.
  • Beyond the firmness, support, feel, and material preferences this mattress has been made with couples in mind. it uses high-density parameter coils which prevent excessive sagging around the edges when you sit on it or sleep as a result the edges feel more stable compared to other mattresses hence improving the overall usable surface.
  • Another thing you’ll love about this bad boy is the soft stitch cover that’s made of rayon and a polyester blend. it’s removable and easy to clean and if you don’t feel like cleaning it. you can spot clean it by dabbing it with a rag detergent and warm water.
  • To sum it up the Lisa hybrid is built for comfort and durability it earns high points for perfect posture and minimal back thigh and shoulder pressure.


  • At number two is the live and sleep queen mattress, which said a comfortable night’s sleep should be a luxury. This mattress is comfortable and supportive, making it ideal for all kinds of sleepers. 
  • The first thing, you’ll notice about this 10-inch live and sleep queen mattress is the straightforward, no-frills design the top fabric cover is soft light, and breathable making it super easy to remove and clean. 
  • It’S also pretty resilient and easily snaps back to its original form. When you sit or sleep on the mattress, no matter your body type shape or sleeping position, the live and sleep comes with multiple zoned foam layers underneath which will give you excellent support and comfort. 
  • Particular importance is the viscoelastic foam. It has an open-cell structure that helps promote airflow for breathability of the mattress keeping you cool all night, long on top of the seamless body, conformance, and comfort of this memory foam mattress.
  • Live and sleep has been an environmental Stewart and produces the quality. You can rely on if you’re shopping for a mattress on a modest budget give the live and sleep Queen mattress, a look. It’S competitively priced plush and the foam contours well around you allowing you to enjoy a comfortable side and back sleep still haven’t found. 
  • The mattress to give you that perfect, relaxing night’s sleep we’ll keep watching because we still have more in store. 

11 Best Mattress In India 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Getting enough comfortable sleep has been linked to improved overall health from boosting the immune system to improving memory or even aiding weight loss. there are plenty of benefits of getting full eight hours of sleep. Unfortunately one of the most overlooked sleeping aspects is the type of mattress you sleep on. it can significantly affect your sleeping patterns cause back pain and even affect your general health. if you’re shopping for a mattress it’s important to note that there isn’t a single miracle mattress suited for everyone.

At the bare minimum, a good mattress should be comfortable durable offer you organ Amish support can be affordable however with a million mattress manufacturers it can be difficult to distinguish between which one’s worth it and which ones aren’t and that’s where we come in our team of researchers have conducted a lot of different research and testing on various products to provide you with an unbiased list to help you make that informed decision.

11 Best Mattress In India 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

It’s time to buy a new mattress, and I get it it’s overwhelming there are so many options out there how do you know it’s right for you it’s like buying a used car, but that’s what I want to help you with today. I want to talk about the different types of mattresses, the different sizes of mattresses, how your sleep positioning and affect the best mattress in India for you other considerations then finally when it’s time to buy that mattress how to do that best whether it’s online or in the Store. So let’s get started right now. So I want to start by talking about the different types of mattresses.

1) Types of Mattresses

Types of Mattresses

1.1) Spring Mattress

First, we have innerspring mattresses, and this is the most common type of mattress. They’ve been around for a very long time your great-grandparents slept on their spring mattress your parents place left on the one you’ve got a slept on one when you’re younger, or you might be sleeping on one right now, and they’re very very common. Now innerspring mattresses have coils in the mattress they’re very supportive of, they’re the best mattress in India for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. I’ll get the same positions a little bit more specifically a bit later; however, for now, you should know back sleepers and stomach sleepers are usually a good fit for an innerspring mattress. They’re also suitable for hot sleepers, so coils leave a lot of room for airflow, and they don’t trap as much heat as a memory foam mattress might. So if you’re a hot sleeper innerspring usually a good match for you, if you’re more of a side sleeper or I’d like to sink into your mattress slowly, you’re not going to get that feel with an innerspring mattress. Again they’re on the firmer side. You’re not going to sink in slowly. You’re also not going to get the best pressure relief when you’re on your side, so definitely keep that in mind if you’re a side sleeper.

1.2) Memory Foam Mattress

Next up, we have memory foam. The memory foam is one of the most popular types of mattresses on the market right now. Especially for bed in the Box mattresses, memory foam has that slow sinking feel, so when you’re lying on it, you slowly sink into the mattress, feel your pressure kind of melts away. It’s also known as viscoelastic foam. It’s the scientific term, but we call it memory foam. Now memory foam is an excellent match for side sleepers looking for more pressure relief. It’s also useful for back sleepers to get some contouring form. Memory foam, also you have joint pain issues or other pain issues. Memory foam can be the best mattress in India for you; however, if you’re more of a stomach sleeper, you have to sleep on top of your mattress, then memory foam is not the best option.

Memory Foam Mattress

1.3) Latex Mattresses

Then we have latex mattresses. Now many latex mattresses are made from all-natural latex that means they’re eco-friendly and better for the environment. They also tick very supportively, and it’s more responsive than memory foam, so it’s easier to move around on top of a latex mattress. It’s also going to be more breathable to memory foam, so you’re not going to sleep quite so hot on top of latex. Lastly is a very durable material so that it might cost you a little more for the mattress, but it should be a longer-lasting investment. So if you want something eco-friendly something comfortable to move around on something breathable, something’s going to ask you for a reasonable amount of time, check out a latex mattress. However, again, keep the price in mind for best mattress in India.

Latex Mattresses

1.4) Hybrid Mattresses

Finally, we have hybrid mattresses; now, hybrid mattresses usually have coils in the support layer and some foam in the top comfort layer. It’s going to be either latex foam memory foam or some polyfoam. Now a hybrid mattress is great because you get the best of both supportive coils and some foam’s comfort. So it’s an intensely, a perfect match for hot sleepers who still want a foam feel who wants some more breathability in their mattress. It’s also a good option for people who want that foam feel but needs some more support so have your people like myself I usually need some more support I often go for a hybrid mattress of some kind. It’s also a best mattress in India for combination sleepers because you get the support of coils and foam’s comfort, so when you’re on your back and your stomach’s getting enough support there. When you’re on your side, you’re going to get some good pressure relief, especially that comfort foam is on the thicker side. 

Hybrid Mattresses

2) Mattress Size

Mattress Size

2.1) Twin Size Mattress

Now I want to talk about mattress sizes. First up, we have the twin size mattress now twin will be the smallest option available for adults. So it’s pretty narrow and not too long. It’s going to be suitable for children teenagers and smaller adults, so if you’re larger like me or taller like me or want something for couples, the twin is not your best mattress in India.

2.2) Twin XL Mattress

Then we have twin XL, and twin XL will be six inches longer than the twin size mattress. So you get a little more length, but that’s the only main difference.

2.3) Full and Double Size Mattress

 Then you have the full and double size. Now full and double is going to be 15 inches wider than a twin mattress, so you get a little bit more room if you want some more room to spread out a better option for couples than the twin or the twin XL.

2.4) Queen Mattress

Next up, we have Queen now Queen is one of the most popular mattress sizes. It’s 60 inches by 80 inches, so a perfect option for people who sleep alone and want some more room. It is also the right choice for couples who don’t need quite so much room.

You are moving on to the King Size Mattress. The King Mattress will be more extensive than the Queen, so if you do sleep with a partner, you want even more room a king is the best mattress in India for you.

2.5) California king

 Next, You get to California king. It’s going to be pretty much the same size. Still, it’s going to be 4 inches narrower but also 4 inches long, or so I should opt for a California king because I’m 6 feet7 inches, but those are the sizes in a nutshell.

3) Mattress Sleep Positions

Mattress Sleep Positions

So I’m sorry if I bored you with all the information about mattress sizes, but it is essential, but I don’t know what’s most important to you in a mattress, is it the size, the firmness, the feel, or something else? You sleeve your answer in the comment section below. I let’s see what everyone has to say, but I want to talk about sleep positions and how your seat position determines what type of mattress is the best mattress in India for you.

  1. Back Sleeping: So let’s start with back sleeping. Now back sleepers want to look for a mattress with a balance of comfort and support, so when you on your back, you want your hips to sink in the right amount went a little bit of contouring perhaps, but you want the matters beneath that to be supportive enough for you. So you don’t kind of fall into the mattress so here at the mattress is clearly like use a firmness scale of 1 to 10. now 10 is going to be the firmest that is sleeping on the floor and 1 is going to be like a cloud there’s complete softness, so that’s our firmness scale. If you’re more of a back sleeper, you want to look at something between 6.5 and 7.5. it’s called a medium-firm. Something medium-firm is usually better for back sleepers.
  2. Side Sleepers: If you are more of a side sleeper, you want something softer than average, so something under 6.5 softer than the end of the spectrum. Now that’s because you want to feel good pressure relief on your shoulders and your hips. 
  3. Stomach Sleeper: Still, if you’re more of a stomach sleeper, you want something on the firmer end of the spectrum that is something over 7.5 out of 10. you want to make sure you’re getting enough support over your entire body and specifically under your hips. You don’t want to bow in there; it gets out of alignment to feel some lower back strain but definitely should think about your sleep musicians and what type of mattress you should be getting. So I get it this is a lot of information, but we’ve already done the work for you we have made lists of the best mattresses for back sleepers, the best mattress in India for side sleepers, and the best mattresses for stomach sleepers.

4) Cooling

Now let’s talk about what else you should think about when we’re looking in a mattress. So let’s start by talking about cooling. Now some mattresses will sleep more relaxed than other types of mattresses, for instance, as I mentioned before, innerspring mattresses have a lot of room for airflow. They’re going to have some excellent cooling capabilities, so they’re going to sleep quite cool on most innerspring mattresses also hybrid mattresses, and then latex mattresses latex is going to be a very breathable material and has more breathable than memory foam. Now memory foam is known for trapping heat, but it does not mean it’s always going to make you sleep hot, so make your memory foam in your mattress. If you like memory foam is in few to something like gel copper or graphite to make sure it’s not prepping so much heat and helping to dissipate heat. So, keep that in mind for the best mattress in India.

5) Weight

Next up, we weight, so I’m a more significant person and a mattress that is a good fit for someone who’s a hundred sixty pounds like a gel on our channel. Now it’s not always the best match for someone of my size I’m 230 pounds now that’s because with my more considerable weight I press further into mattresses than the person does feel some more pressure than he does so precisely when I’m on my side a thinner comfort layer might give him enough pressure relief but somewhat of my size. I press further in feel some more pressure on my shoulders on my hips, so whether you’re a lighter person or a heavier person, keep your weight in mind and make sure it is best mattresses in India for you.

6) Durability

So you also want to think about the durability of the mattress you’re about to buy so you don’t want it to fall apart in like two years. You want a mattress to last you for a reasonable amount of time, so with high-density material, something durable like latex or high-density memory foam or high-grade coils. You’re going to spend a lot of money with the mattress again and make sure it will last for a reasonable amount of time. So I’m single it’s not a big problem for me but for you couples out there some other things you do want to think about the best mattress in India.

7) Motion Transfer

 The first is motion transfer. Now motion transfers are; you’re lying down on one side of the mattress you’re trying to go to sleep, and your partner gets in that bed, and that wakes you up. It would help if you had your sleep, so you want a mattress. It’s going to cut down on motion transfer. Something’s going to isolate each of your motions to both sides of the bed, so you want to usually focus on something with memory foam if you do sleep with a partner so that with a slower reacting foam, it’s going to cut down on that motion transfer so it’s not going to be your best mattress in India. Make sure you’re sleeping soundly, even if you want to use moving around at night.

8) Edge Support

Lastly, you want to think about edge support. So edge support is basically how close you can sleep to the mattress’s edge without feeling you’re going to fall off the mattress. I had this issue with another mattress, so whether it’s foam or coils, you want to make sure the mattress’s edge is very, very supported because you bought the mattress. You and your partners feel asleep towards the edge of the bed and use every inch of that best mattress in India.

9) Firm vs Soft Mattress – Which One Should You Get?

Mattress Firmness Guide | Sleepopolis

You’re looking for a new mattress. It’s time to find the perfect mattress for you. If so, you probably come across two of the most popular types of mattresses — memory foam and hybrid. Today I want to talk about a memory foam mattress, a hybrid mattress, who should get one over the other, and which one is the right one.

There we have hundreds of reviews of the biggest names in the mattress game. So you can get a better understanding of these products before you make your purchase whether you’re looking for reviews of specific mattresses like Casper, purple, or Lisa. Wondering what the best mattresses in India are for side sleepers or back pain, or maybe you need the best sheets or pillows out there. I’m going to answer ten frequently asked questions that I received from readers wondering whether they should buy a firm or soft mattress. After reading this post, you will be ready to start your mattress search. Let’s talk about whether you should buy a firm or soft mattress? 

Now first and possibly most importantly, what is the best firmness for a mattress? So this is something of interest to pretty much everyone looking for a new mattress, and the truth is is that it depends on what type of sleeper you are? Now throughout the rest of the post, I’ll get into more specifics about how firm a mattress should be for back sleepers or side sleepers or stomach sleepers and everything in between, but to start, I want to give you a quick idea of what that firmness is mean.

Now I’m talking about medium mattress firmness. You’ll generally see companies say that it’s 6 to 6.5 inches out of 10 range. With ten being the firmest, I’m just going to give you a nice balance of support and comfort in multiple positions. If you don’t have any specific sleeping preferences or requirements, this might be the best range for you. Now anything above that 6.5 out of 10 threshold starts to be a bit on the firmer side and will generally mean you’re going to feel more on top of the mattress not pushing into the layers of the bed. So much anything below that or 6 out of 10 will start to give you more of a plush feel sinking into soft materials. 

Firm vs Soft Mattress - Which One Should You Get?

Now firmness levels won’t be the same for everybody because different weights and sleeping positions of the sleepers and mattresses of similar firmness won’t feel identical because of the other materials used in the mattress construction. However, those are general ratings when discussing mattress firmness. Now, who should use a firm mattress and remember this the essential thing a mattress can promote for a healthy sleep posture is a spinal alignment that can mean different things for different types of sleepers. For back and stomach sleepers, it means ensuring that your hips don’t sink too far into the bed. Back sleepers tend to have a bit of leeway in terms of what firmness is right for them, ranging from 6 on up based on their preference that medium ranges from 6 and 6.5 out of 10. it’s going to be a good option for those that spend most of the time on their back or adjust from their back to their side throughout the night.

When it comes to stomach sleepers, I have talked to a few specialists who say no matter what kind of mattress you get; it isn’t healthy to sleep on your stomach. But if you can’t help it, I recommend these strict stomach sleepers out there go with a firm mattress to avoid lower back pain. For a firm mattress, that’s going to be more in line with what stomach sleepers or back sleepers need.

On the other end of the spectrum, who should sleep on a soft mattress? Many people think they want these super plush cloud feeling they get on hotel mattresses. The reality is that for many, comfort doesn’t translate long-term. Soft mattresses can be great for those that sleep primarily on their side. The reason for that is that side sleeping can cause more significant pressure points to format your shoulders and your hips because of a higher weight and concentration over the lower surface area. Now, if a mattress is softer, you’re going to sink in a bit more for some excellent comforting relief. I should note that if you are looking for examples of great options for your new bed, you can check out sleep topless for our list of best firm mattresses and best soft mattresses. 

A general question should side sleepers have a soft or firm mattress, and I did answer this a bit in the last question, but I’ll get a bit more specific here with the types of soft mattresses that I think side sleepers should go with. I should note that just grabbing these soft mattresses you can find is not a great idea that it’s too soft. You’ll push straight through the comfort layers and end up interacting with these support layers of the construction or even the box spring or bed frame below, which kind of defeats the purpose. A great way you can get a nice balance of soft comfort with good support is by sleeping on a top pillow mattress. So have a few inches of material on top of the bed to sink into for pressure relief with coir support below for some bounce and keep you from pushing straight through the mattress. 

Now is a soft or firm mattress better for back pain? There is no right answer here. Again it depends on what position you sleep in. The most important thing is proper spinal alignment. For back sleepers, I recommend something in the medium range, stomach sleepers something much firm and side sleepers should go for a plusher feel. 

I should mention that a zone support system can be an excellent option for those that shift from their back to their side throughout the night. A zone support system is firmer at the hips, and softer at the shoulders promote healthy alignment while sleeping on your back or side. Now all this talk of firmness, and you may be wondering how do I know if my mattress is too firm? Now for some people who have slept on one mattress for a while, it can be tough to tell if their new mattress is too firm or just not used to it. Now the number one way you’re going to say this is if you have pressure points forming and that pain is following you throughout the rest of the day. 

If you’re a side sleeper and get you to end up feeling at the shoulders or pain at the hips, your mattress is probably too firm along those same lines. Can you get used to a firm or soft mattress? And that’s a great question, and the answer is yes to an extent. Now it can take a month or two to get used to a new mattress even if the firmness is at the right level for your sleep preferences. That’s part of the reason why so many online mattress brands offer trial periods of three months or more so you can thoroughly test out your new bed before deciding whether or not you want to send it back. Now, if the mattress is causing you pain or soreness at that time, that isn’t getting any better. It’s safe to say you gave it a shot and move on to another option.

Now, will a firm mattress get any softer? Absolutely yes, sleeping on your mattress and night after a new night will break down the materials using this construction and soften it up. Now, after a while, if it gets too soft, that’s how you’ll know it’s time to buy a new mattress the rate at which the mattress softens up will vary quite a bit, and that is going to be based on the materials used in the mattress. The sleeper’s weight, what position you sleep in, and how often you rotate your mattress.

 Most mattresses these days are not designed to be flipped, but if you are trying to extend your mattress’s life, you can rotate it 180 degrees every six months.

If your mattress is too firm, how do you soft in a firm mattress? The best way is going to be by adding a mattress topper. I don’t usually recommend using a mattress topper right off the bat with a new mattress because I think you should find a mattress that fits your needs before you start trying to adjust it. If your trial period is over or you’re trying to prolong the life of your existing mattress and topper is a great way to add some comfort and pressure relief without purchasing a whole new mattress.

10) Memory Foam vs. Hybrid Mattress

How to Choose Between a Memory Foam and Hybrid Mattress – Bear ...

What are the differences between a memory foam mattress and a hybrid mattress? 

Material: Now, let’s talk about memory foam versus hybrid. Memory foam is made out of the polymer called polyurethane. You’re going to find this material in objects like car seats, sofas, and, more importantly, mattresses like today. Memory foam has this soft, slowly moving quicksand feel. You slowly sink into the mattress.

On the other hand, a hybrid mattress is going to have soft, comfort layers on top or some foam comfort layer on top. That could be latex, could be memory foam, a blend of the two, or some other poly foam type. Beneath that, you have supportive coils. For example, I’m on the Casper Hybrid right now. You have a couple of layers on top. You’re going to have a latex-like foam, a layer of memory foam beneath that, and a zone transition layer beneath that. Beneath that all, you’re going to have your supportive coil. That is a hybrid construction. 

Coir: First off, it’s going to be in the construction. As we’re talking about today, memory foam mattresses will be an all-foam mattress. On the other hand, a hybrid mattress is going to have coirs, and the coirs are going to make it very, very different. The first thing it’s going to do is it might dry with the price just a little bit. 

Price: In general, a hybrid mattress will cost more than an all-foam mattress than a memory foam mattress. It isn’t always right, but it usually is. It’s going to do a couple of things for your hybrid mattress, and it’s definitely worth that extra investment. First off, it’s going to make it more supportive to handle the more substantial weight. It’s also going to make it more durable, make it a longer-lasting best mattress in India. You pay more money upfront, but it should last for a more extended amount of time. Hybrid mattresses are also going to be more breathable in general than memory foam mattresses.

Ease of Mobility: Last, but not least, ease of mobility. With memory foam mattresses, I’ve had this experience where I sink in too far. I am stuck, and I can’t move at all. With hybrid mattresses, you have fewer chances of that happening. With the Coirs, they don’t let you sink in too far. The mattresses are usually more responsive overall. It’s easier to move around in general. 

10.1) Memory Foam Mattress: Advantages and disadvantages

What are the benefits and drawbacks of memory foam? 

First off, memory foam is excellent with pressure relief. You slowly sink into the mattress. You feel a little pressure on your joint in your vital areas. It’s also excellent in handling motion transfer. If you sleep with a partner, you get up at night to go to the bathroom; your moving shouldn’t disturb them. Off of that as well, memory foam is not a noisy mattress. We don’t have coirs in the mattress. It doesn’t squeak. If you do move around at night, you shouldn’t disturb yourself or your partner. At the same time, there are some drawbacks. 

Heat Trapping: First off, memory foam is known for trapping heat. It is a big issue for me. I’m a hot sleeper. Lying down on top of a memory foam mattress, it traps my heat, directs it back at me, and I overheat at night, wake up sweaty and clammy. Not always a great experience. It’s also sometimes harder to move around. Memory foam is not always the most responsive as you can feel stuck in your mattress, and I’ve also had this experience.

Durability: Last but not least, memory foam is not always the most durable material. Depending on the density of memory foam, it may sag more quickly than a hybrid mattress—something to consider while choosing the best mattress in India. 

10.2) Hybrid Mattress: Advantages and disadvantages

What are the benefits and drawbacks of hybrid mattresses?

 First off, hybrid mattresses are very breathable. You have coils at the bottom that allows for more airflow, shouldn’t trap so much heat as memory foam, and shouldn’t sleep so hot. Also, they’re going to be more supportive. The coils add some serious support to the mattress, should be able to handle heavier weights than a memory foam mattress. At the same time, you have a soft comfort layer on top. It’s going to be the right balance of comfort and support. For instance, with the Casper Hybrid here, some soft comfort layers on top, beneath that supportive coils. Suitable for all three sleeping positions. Finally, durability. 

The coils are going to add some dangerous life to your mattress. They may cost a little more upfront, but it should last for a longer time. In terms of hybrid drawbacks, first off, you have price. In general, the hybrid is going to cost more than a memory foam mattress. You have coils in the mattress as well, and comfort layers on top. You’re getting more out of it, but it might cost more upfront. Also, it can be more cumbersome. 

Hybrid mattresses can be more substantial than the straight memory foam mattresses. Whether you’re moving your mattress across the room, across town or the country, it might be more difficult.

Motion transfer: Hybrid mattresses aren’t always as good at handling motion transfer. If you move around at night, your partner might feel more of your movements on hybrid mattresses. Right now, you might be wanting to say, “Marten, tell me which one I should get.”I can’t tell you exactly which one to get, but I can give you some hints. With memory foam, first off, if you want to sink into your mattress slowly, feel that quicksandy slow-moving feel, memory foam is right for you.

It’s more like you’re sleeping in the mattress versus on top. If you like that, definitely check out memory foam. Besides, it’s usually a better fit for side sleepers. I’m a side sleeper. I love lying down on a memory foam mattress, slowly sinking in, feeling the pressure melt away in my shoulders.

 Side sleepers, those with pain issues, definitely check out memory foam. Also, in general, memory foam mattresses are going to save you some money. They’re usually priced lower than a hybrid mattress. If you don’t want to spend quite so much money upfront, definitely check out memory foam. Last, but not least, if you sleep with a partner, memory foam, in general, is better at cutting out a motion transfer. 

Whether you or your partner move around a lot at night, you go to the bathroom a lot at night as I do, you shouldn’t wake up your partner so much on a memory foam mattress.

 Who should pick a hybrid mattress?

If you prefer to sleep on top of your mattress, you don’t want to sink in quite so far, with a hybrid mattress, you usually sleep more on top. There’s also more bounce to the hybrid mattress, so you have less chance of getting stuck. If you’re usually worried about mobility issues, you get stuck in your mattress a lot; this happens to me on memory foam, hybrids are usually better at addressing this issue. 

Also, a hybrid mattress usually features a better balance of comfort and support. The support of coils and the comfort of those top layers as well. That makes it a better match for all three sleeping positions. On your back and your stomach, you get the support there. On your side, the comfort layers give you some good pressure relief as well. It’s also a better match for hot sleepers. In general, you have more airflow from the coils. You don’t heat up quite so much as you do on a memory foam mattress. And then there’s durability. In general, a hybrid mattress is going to be the more durable and the best mattress in India than the memory foam mattress. 

The coils add some serious durability. While you spend some more money upfront, it should be a better long-term investment. It’s also a good match for more massive people. I’m a more significant person, and I have more support needs. I’m 230 pounds. If you’re my weight or more significant, definitely check out a hybrid mattress. By now, you should know which one is right for you, a memory foam mattress, or a hybrid mattress.

11) Steps to Buy a mattress at Store

So at this point, you might know what type of mattress is right for you it’s time to buy your mattress let’s talk about the four easy steps to buying a mattress in a mattress store. 

  1. Research: First off, do your research and useful thing you’re doing research right now, so go and informed you’re going to walk into that mattress store and tell you it’s going to be overwhelming. It’s a lot of mattresses to look at, and that salesman’s going to see you, and they’re going to Zone in on you because if you’re like me, you’re an easy mark so get ready to protect yourself. You want to have your research done and know exactly what you’re looking for. The first time I went to buy a mattress, this guy kept telling me he would hook me with the best deal possible I thought he was Candyman or something, and I ran out of the Store. I’m not kidding. I never do that again, so go in prepared step to try out the mattress.
  2. Lie on the mattress: now, this is one of the benefits of buying a mattress in a mattress store; you can try it out for as long as you like, so if you’re a side sleeper lies your side for a reasonable amount of time. Make sure you’re getting the pressure relief you need. If you are a stomach sleeper, make sure you’re getting the support you need to take your time with that mattress to make sure it’s the best option.
  3. Warranty: get all the warranty information about your mattress while you’re in the Store and make sure you understand every point because you don’t want to get your mattress home it starts to break apart very quickly. You want to make sure that your warranty is going to cover those kinds of issues.
  4. Plan to negotiate: now, one of the things about buying a mattress is negotiation. Sometimes you can negotiate with the salesperson if you’re a great negotiator that’s incredible congratulations I am a terrible negotiator. So if you’re like me bring a friend, bring a parent, bring a spouse someone good at negotiating. Make sure you’re getting the best deal possible on this mattress, so the other way you can buy a mattress is online, and for a long time, people kind of scoffed at buying a mattress online it comes in a box that can’t be comfortable. But now Benda box mattresses are a huge part of the mattress market. I’ve tried a lot of bends the box mattresses, and I can say they’re very, very comfortable, and very supportive, but how do you buy these best mattresses in India?

12) How to Buy a Mattress Online

What’s the best way to buy an online mattress well again there are four easy steps.

  1. Comparison: the first step is again to do your research, and you’re doing it right now you want help comparing different types of matters in which you can do in a mattress store. You can’t do online definitely check out some of our compares since I’m mattress query calm we have written comparisons and video comparisons on YouTube.
  2. Discount: step two, you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible for your mattress, so first check out mattress. Clary calm, we have a lot of great discounts for many great mattresses also, a lot of companies have some awesome deals and sales around the holidays, so the 4th of July Labor Day gets your mattress are around those times get the best deal possible.
  3. Delivery: Step 3 this mat is going to come to your house in a box and sometimes that box is going to be heavy, so ask for friends help transporting it inside and up to your bedroom open the box to get the rolled up mattress put on your finger foundation cup of that plastic. It’s a straightforward process if you’re a little bit worried about that mattress’s weight that I would go with the white glove delivery option. Many companies have white glove delivery; some guys will come set it up in your house, take the packing material way and take away your old mattress; this is a perfect option.
  4. Return Period: Step 4 uses your trial period wisely. Most bed and box companies have some trial period like 90 nights, 120 nights, or sometimes a whole year long make sure this mattress is the right fit for you during that trial period. So if you’re a side sleeper, it’s soft enough for you pressure-relieving it out for you. If you’re a back sleeper, you get a delicate balance of comfort and support your stomach sleeper. It’s supportive enough for you if it’s not a good match for you. You spend a lot of money on this send it back. Many of these companies have straightforward return policies, so send it back and get the right mattress for you.

13) Twin vs. Twin XL Mattresses

So if you are shopping for a mattress, you might be stuck between two mattress sizes, so right now, I want to talk about how these different mattress sizes compare and who should choose one over the other. So first we have a twin and twin XL mattresses. Now a twin mattress will be a good option for smaller children and maybe smaller teenagers as well what twin XL is going to be better for medium-sized adults taller children. Again, it’s prevalent in college dorm rooms, but let’s talk about how it fits our three different types of sleepers. So looking at the twin here we can see that not a bad match for someone of Kellis size for someone of Joe size maybe a little bit small for someone of my size too small looking at the twin XL a better match for both Kelly and Joe they have more room to move around but also for me, not a good match. So I slept on a twin excel in college and wasn’t long enough for my size.

14) Twin Mattresses vs. Full Mattresses

Then we have twin mattresses versus full mattresses. A twin mattress will be a better match for smaller individuals like children, even smaller teenagers. Full mattresses will be a better match for average-sized adults and a better match for couples compared to a twin mattress, so full mattresses, and queen mattresses, which do you choose between those two. Well, a top mattress will be a little bit narrower and a little bit shorter than a queen mattress. Now, if you want to go with the entire mattress, you’re going to save some money, definitely a better match for a solo sleeper who wants to save some money, but if you are a regular-sized couple, a queen mattress is a better match. It also depends on the size again of your bedrooms. So if you have more room to move around more space in your bedroom, a queen could be the best mattress in India as well.

15) Queen mattresses vs. King mattresses

Next up we have queen mattresses versus king mattresses a queen mattress will be narrower and shorter than a king mattress while Queen mattress can work for a lot of couples are going to have more room on a king mattress. So larger couples taller couples should go for it a king mattress more room to move around. If you have a larger bedroom more space to work with you can go with a king, but you want to save some money you’re more of a medium-sized couple you could go with the queen mattress and have no issues.

16) King Mattresses vs. California King

Last up, we have king mattresses and California king mattresses. Now a lot of times, these cost the same because you’re getting the same surface area, but what the king mattress is going to be more comprehensive and a little bit shorter and over with a California king. It will be narrower, but also longer, a king mattress is usually a better match for couples. Between the two because you have more room to move around also you have children to hop into bed with you more room for them to jump into bed. Now the California king is also a good match for certain types of couples, namely taller elsewhere one or both partners is on the taller end; for instance, I’m six seven. I usually prefer a California king to a king-sized mattress. Also, if you have pets to hop into bed with you and sleep on the end of your mattress, California king is the best mattress in India.


Congrats, you made it that is a lot of information, but now you have all the tools you need to find the Best Mattress in India. Still, if you want more information, you’re confused when a person recommended leaving a comment below, but that’s just getting started looking for a mattress or bedding products.


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