10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India (2021) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Many people don’t have much knowledge about Kitchen chimneys in India. Therefore, Therefore we have made comprehensive Buyers Guide that will help you understand the kitchen chimney types, features, price range, capacity, and other things. We have also added a list of 10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India to find the best model for you.

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2021

1) Elica 60 cm Best Kitchen Chimney in India (WD HAC TOUCH BF 60)

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Elica 60 cm Best Kitchen Chimney in India (WD HAC TOUCH BF 60)

Features Overview:

  • It has a size of 60 cm with a 2-4 burner stove for wall mounted chimneys. 
  • Attraction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr
  • For kitchen size >200 sqft & heavy frying/grilling
  • Five years warranty on Motor and one year on the chimney
  • Type: Curved Glass, Wall Mounted
  • Max noise(dB): 58 

Smart Features:

  • Heat Auto-clean Technology: Your Kitchen chimney will remove all the odor and dust from your kitchen. However, what will you do to clean the chimney? Gratitude to the Heat Auto Clean technology, all you have to do is click a Heat auto clean button that will activate a heat making tool that will you clean your chimney. This function will eliminate the clingy oil particles inside and gather it in the oil gatherer. 
  • Motion Sensor: Motion sensor will be most useful when your hands are dirty, and you don’t want to ruin your chimney’s touchpad. All you need to do is move your arm in front of the chimney to start its operation, and you can also increase the power by moving the arm multiple times, which makes it the Best Kitchen Chimney in India.
  • Max Air Flow: It has an ideal fume and odor extraction capacity of 1200 cubic meters, perfect for saving electricity bills. It is also less noise making and convenient to maintain.
  • Easy-to-clean: The baffle filter is specifically designed to eradicate grease produced from various food items like Ghee and keep away all the unhealthy moisture and oily environment. Baffle filters can be clean under the tap without any technical knowledge. 
  • Touch Control Panel: Touch control panel gives an elegant look to your kitchen with handy features in front of your eyes.
  • Oil Collector: The oil collector is an innovative idea to extract those stubborn oily substances which are harmful to health and the nose—this kitchen chimney made of tempered steel, which always looks new and durable.
  • LED Lamps: This feature is cheery on the top that gives you a more transparent view of all the cooking dishes. It is the perfect measure of brightening.
  • Design: smart appliances like kitchen chimneys are portrait for the kitchen that improves the kitchen decor with an elegant and stylish look.
  • Duct Pipe: It comes with an aluminum duct pipe, aluminum tape, and cowl cover corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and easy to clean. 

2) Hindware 90cm Best Kitchen Chimney in India (Nevio 90)

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Hindware 90cm Best Kitchen Chimney in India (Nevio 90)

Features Overview:

  • Type: Curved Glass, Wall Mounted
  • Size: 90cm
  • 1200 m3/hr Suction Capacity
  • Motor Power: 180 W
  • Filter: Baffle Filter
  • 1-year Warranty on Chimney plus 5 Years on Motor

Smart Features:

  • Thermal Auto Clean: This is chimney is smart enough to clean itself and save itself from all the unwanted oil buildup and dirt using the thermal auto-clean feature.
  • Max Air Flow: everyone wants a kitchen chimney with hight extraction power but with least noise. This Hindware Chimney comes with the ideal combination of least noise and high fume removing the power of 1200 m³/hr.
  • Baffle Filter: baffle filters are far more superior than any other kind of filter as they look more fashionable and elegant with better outer airflow.
  • Energy Efficient LED Lamps: now you can switch off all the kitchen lights to save electricity bills as this chimney comes with an energy-efficient LED lamps that highly your Gas stove area. 
  • One-Touch Control:  You need to press one switch, and this chimney will start its operation so people with less technical knowledge can operate it.
  • Metallic Blower: Metallic Blower helps extend the chimney’s working life with less force and delivers less clamor. 
  • Oil Collector Cup: Sometimes, the taste of food gets destroyed due to the mixing of different odors; therefore, this chimney instantly eliminates all the foul smell from your kitchen so that you can make other dishes one after the other. 

3) Glen 60cm Best Kitchen Chimney in India (6071 EX)

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Glen 60cm Best Kitchen Chimney in India (6071 EX)

Smart Features:

  • Elegant Design: A classy and charming Kitchen can be developed by installing this sleek kitchen chimney with its adorable and eye-catching layout.
  • Curved Glass: The outer cover material is made of unbreakable tempered glass that guarantees complete protection to your house.
  • Stainless Steel Baffle Filter: This chimney has stainless steel baffle filter with a mirror shine look that provides supercharges airflow with world-class execution and sturdiness.
  • Dynamic Airflow: It doesn’t have a problem of dirt getting stuck or accumulated in the filter. Therefore it works with a speedy and continuous airflow without the need of clearing out the filter.
  • Eco-friendly LED Lights: It comes with an unharmful energy-conserving LED bulbs that can brighten your kitchen with a clearer and restaurant feel.
  • Push Button Controls: It comes with durable and old fashioned classic push buttons with different functions that can be used to operate this chimney and a little blinking light to show the chimney on/off status. chimney
  • Suction Power: This chimney decently excretes unwanted fumes, greasy oil, and other harmful elements within a few moments with a vital leverage force of up to 1000 m3/h (cubic meter every hour).
  • Italian Motor: Glen Chimney is loaded with a genuine and pure copper motor to ensure safety. This copper motor tends to stop the chimney operation when it exceeds the optimal heating with its Thermal Overload Protector.
  • FRP Housing: Flame Retardant Plastic (FRP) material is specially made to reduce excessive noise and provide safe and smooth performance.
  • Safe for Your Kitchen: Copper and Flame Retardant Plastic are material used in home appliances to ensure safety as they are fire-resistant and more durable. 

4) Faber 90 cm Best Kitchen Chimney in India (HOOD CREST HC SC BK 90)

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Faber 90 cm Best Kitchen Chimney in India (HOOD CREST HC SC BK 90)

Features Overview: 

  • Size:60 cm
  • It can cover a 2-4 burner stove for wall mounted chimneys.
  • Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, five years on motor

Smart Features:

  • Auto Clean: It becomes almost impossible to know that when your chimney needs cleaning as it keeps accumulating the oily and greasy substances whenever you cook. Therefore, it comes with an auto-clean feature that will automatically free up the dust range for smooth and non-stop operation.
  • LED Lamp: Now, there is no need to install other bulbs in your kitchen as this chimney has two powerful yet effective eco-friendly bulbs that will ensure complete bright lightning.
  • Noise level: Now, you won’t get disturbed while making dishes with the chimney’s creepy noises as it works smoothly with the least noise.
  • Touch Control: Now, you can even ask your kids to operate this chimney is this comes with a smart touch button that starts this chimney as soon as you click the button.
  • Suction power: as soon as the chimney exhales out all the oil and greasy smoke particles from your kitchen, the better will be your home’s environment. Therefore, the higher suction power of 1200m3/h is equipped in this chimney.
  • Oil collector: The oil collector cup accumulates all the dirt at one single place so that it becomes easy for you to throw out all the pily and smoky substances.
  • Filterless Chimney: Filterless Chimney is the new invention in the chimney world. Nobody wants to clean the filters or stinky dust from the chimney; therefore, filterless chimney making it less maintainable.

5) Bosch 60cm Best Kitchen Chimney in India (DWB068D50I)

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Bosch 60cm Best Kitchen Chimney in India (DWB068D50I)


  • 3-layered Baffle filters: Bosch chimney is the only filter that has 3 cleaning layers. This filter doesn’t require any cleaning, and it can eliminate all the grease, fumes, oil, and smokey particles from the root for the fresher kitchen.
  • Rust Free: Tis Chimney has an iron man-body, made to go through some stringent tests. It is also covered with sal spray for 100 hours to ensure that it doesn’t rust on its steel body.
  • Noise reduction: Bosch has achieved further success by reducing the noise level to 55 dB, which is commendable compared to other brand chimneys. It is performed with its robust motor.
  • Certified Quality: Bosch is a well-known brand in significant home appliances in the market. They have always made their product keeping in mind the best in class quality and Indian consumer preferences. This chimney also passed some best standards, certified by IEC, CB, and ROHS.
  • Availability of spare parts: If you buy this chimney, then you will be able to find its spare part in the market for the next ten years from the date of manufacturing. 
  • No. One in Europe: Bosch is considered the top-rated chimney brand in the European market due to its cutting-edge technology and timeless design.
  • German Engineering & design: Bosch gives more preference to durability and performance than price with its Impeccable German Engineering & design, combined with sophisticated human resources and essence corporeality.
  • 350 watt Motor with copper winding: It has a deadly combination of copper and high power motor. High power motor extracts the oil and dirt at a faster speed, and copper helps maintain and regulate the heat generated by the motor.

10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Hey there, welcome to Indian Home appliances, so today I’m going to be talking about many different types of Kitchen Chimney and different options and different aspects of installing a Kitchen Chimney in your home. So if you’re interested in one specific section or not the entire post what we’ll do is we’ll have all the different sections listed down here if you have your annotations turned on all you need to do is go to that section that you like to view and that will take you to the section that you’re most interested. The most crucial role in kitchen ventilation is to ensure that it removes all greasy steamy and smoky gaseous byproducts that are just laying around in your Kitchen. There are many good safety reasons why you need to have a Best Kitchen Chimney in India for your home. For example, when you have a beautiful Kitchen Chimney, it’ll collect all the dangerous fumes and take those away from the rest of your home as well as take all grease and smoke and collect any smells that might go lingering around your home. Now when you have a beautiful Kitchen Chimney that collects all that grease, it saves you hours of cleaning time and extends the period between repainting and gives you a cleaner fresher kitchen that you can enjoy every day. When you have an excellent range of it’ll protect your home and add value to it.

Now what exactly is a professional Rachael you might ask, a common question, a professional Kitchen Chimney is made heavy-duty and designed for residential use. Now it’s not a commercial Kitchen Chimney because those two are a little bit different, so when you have a professional range of it’s usually used for substantial cooking as well as gas stoves.

1) Power Of Kitchen Chimneys

They’re equipped with a larger body. You’ve got heavy gauge, stainless steel, baffle filters, larger blowers, and compelling lighting. Whether you’re the first-time buyer or bothering before, you might be wondering how powerful I want my Kitchen Chimney to be. Right well, usually, the more significant the blower, the better the range if that being said when you have depends on the stove that you have. If you have a gas stove, usually you need a more robust arrangement for that because of the additional carbon monoxide that’s burning in the cooking process and the rule of thumb, in general, is that you want to have 100 BTU or for every 100 Btu you want to have one CFM. So let’s say that your stove has 60,000 BTU, you need a motor with 600 CFM at least to work together with that. Now keep in mind when you are purchasing a range, many the cities will have restrictions on how powerful your blower can be, so you want to keep that in mind. You want to check with your city because sometimes, what happens is your blowers too overpowering, and then that creates problems, and you have to add makeup. You have to give makeup air because you’ve consumed so much from your blower. It’s it can be a very complicated process, so it’s essential to check with your city inspector for any restrictions before you purchase one of these Best Kitchen Chimney in India.

2) Size of Kitchen Chimney

Size of Kitchen Chimney

All right so let’s talk a little bit about the sizing of Kitchen Chimneys what kind of size you should get depending on your situation. in general what happens is customers will purchase a thirty-inch wall mount Kitchen Chimney for a 30-inch stove, and that’s fine. When it’s a wall belt, it’s lovely to purchase the same size as your stove because you have the wall to guide up any steam coming up. Now when you have an island, and you’re looking for an island type of Kitchen Chimney, you’ll likely want to go, and we recommend this to go one size bigger so instead of buying a thirty-inch for a thirty-inch you want to buy a 36 inch Kitchen Chimney for a 30-inch stove. So about six inches bigger than the stove size the reason we recommend this is, and also you want to make sure you have the room before you make that purchase but the reason we recommend this is that when your Kitchen Chimney is more significant than the island that you have, it’ll make sure that it collects all of the steam that comes up. If you have the same sizes when you put four burners on and you have water on all four, and you’re cooking on all four it’s not going to be good enough, and it’s not going to collect all the steam as a lot of steam will be escaping through the sides. So that’s the main reason why we recommend having a larger size while buying the best kitchen chimney in India.

3) Duct Size

Best Kitchen Chimney - Duct Size

Another thing to keep in mind is the depth of your Kitchen Chimney, so when you’re purchasing a Kitchen Chimney, if you’re looking for something deeper generally, the Kitchen Chimney will come with 20 inches. So they’ll be 20 inches deep from the wall and if you’re buying a Kitchen Chimney that’s a professional grade Kitchen Chimney those come out about 22 inches or 24 inches so if you’re looking for something to cover our larger stove it’s better to go professional Kitchen Chimney rather than just a regular. One the most commonly used size ducting is about 6 inches currently, and for larger CFM blowers, it’s about 7 inches or 8 inches, and for smaller blowers, it’s 5 inches minimum. Now 4-inch ducts are no longer used in kitchen exhaust fans.

Another thing to keep in mind is when you’re installing a Kitchen Chimney in your home, and you’ve got a six-inch duct connector, you want to make sure that the duct that you get is 6 inches and the same goes if you have an 8-inch duct connector. You want to get an 8-inch duct if you get anything smaller for an 8 inch like a 6 inch or 7 inches that reduce the suction of that Kitchen Chimney, and it won’t perform as well. You might experience some vibrations in there as well. So, for example, it says you’re doing a kitchen retrofit. You discover that you have a four-inch duct or a five-inch duct, and the best kitchen chimney in India that you’re using requires a six-inch duct you want to make sure you upgrade to that 6-inch duct because otherwise, they won’t perform as well as you wanted it to perform. Now even very powerful blowers will not perform as well as they can if the ducting is undersized; please do not underestimate the duct’s sizing because that’s usually as important as the quality of your arrangement.

4) Types of Kitchen Chimneys

Now there are a few general types of ranges that are ready to install, and today, I’ll be examining each one of those and talking about their features and some optional features.

Ceiling Mount Kitchen Chimney

Ceiling Mount Kitchen Chimney

Island Kitchen Chimney is used to remove heat smoke and grease. Freestanding Kitchen Chimney is used over cooking equipment where no walls exist. This type of Kitchen Chimney is attached directly to the ceiling. Most Island Kitchen Chimney we carry will cover standard ceiling heights of up to 9 feet. We also do have extensions for some Island Kitchen Chimney for our 12 feet ceilings. Positioning the Kitchen Chimney over the cooking surface would be the most efficient way to exhaust the fumes. Large, stylish, and professional in appearance wall mount Kitchen Chimney continue to gain popularity amongst homeowners. Often installed on exterior walls when a cabinet isn’t available wall mount Kitchen Chimney resemble an upside-down chimney in appearance. Stainless steel finishes are standard on wall mount Kitchen Chimney, and wall mount range and models are considered the most stylish of all types. The size of the wall vent compared to the stove should be the same size or larger. You would need a cabinet to support this type of Kitchen Chimney usually mounted under a wall cabinet and attached to an exterior wall. The most common duct sides for this Kitchen Chimney is about 5 inches to 8 inches. These Kitchen Chimney are mainly top vented, but some come with back venting options. Like the model victory elite, some under-cabinet Kitchen Chimney is more potent than many wall mount Kitchen Chimney because they come with double blowers. You will require this type of best kitchen chimney in India if you do not want your fan to be visible. Only the bottom plate is visible.

Suppose you have a wooden or metal Kitchen Chimney with an opening in the middle for the built-in exhaust fan. If you already have a wooden Kitchen Chimney, cover all exposed wood with metal liner for fire separation. If you have to insert this Kitchen Chimney over a gas cooktop, a 30-inch distance is required from any combustible materials. Please check with your fire safety inspector. For a complete range of installation, you will need to insert the blower, and the liner duct size is determined by the blower chosen. Always purchase the insert and the liner first before you start building your wooden Kitchen Chimney. It can be a lot easier for the cabinet company to make a perfect fit. 

Microwave oven/ Combo range Chimneys

Combo units are suitable for saving space, but generally, they’re not recommended. The reason for this is that the microwave usually takes up most of the space, and you only left with a limited amount of space for the actual CFM blower and the Kitchen Chimney itself. So what happens is if you have a gas stove, the CFM will not be powerful enough, and for that reason, it is not recommended.

Downdraft Chimneys


Downdraft Chimneys are another type of Kitchen Chimney that should be avoided. Now a lot of people might use downdraft Chimneys instead of an island Kitchen Chimney. Still, years of experience have shown that downdraft Kitchen Chimney is not very efficient and should be avoided.

5) Venting Types: Ducted or Recirculation

Now when you’re installing a new range of in your home you have two options for venting you can either duct through the outside and the air escapes there or what you can do is you can recirculate the air in your Kitchen if you do choose to recirculate the air you’ll need to purchase a charcoal filter kit. You can do that on our website under the accessory section, and what happens is those charcoal filters will capture any breeze and smell that comes from cooking. Now I’ll keep in mind that this doesn’t make your Kitchen Chimney maintenance-free because every three to six months, you have to change those charcoal filters because they’re not washable. They’re just for one-time use for that period, and they go behind your aluminum filter. So they’re just an addition to your best kitchen chimney in India.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you do have the option to circulate the air and take it out of your home duct through the outside. We recommend that you do that because even though it might make your home a little cooler because the air is coming out at such a fast rate, it is easier to do and saves you some money because you don’t have to pay for those charcoal filters.

6) Kitchen Chimney Filter Types

All best kitchen chimney in India has a filter to trap oil and grease from cooking. Most have a reusable metal mesh filters that will go in the dishwasher because the filters are quite large; they are not easy to wash in a standard sink.

6.1) Aluminum Mesh Filters

Aluminum mesh filters are the most common replaceable filters, usually costing about 700 rupees. You will find these on amazon under the accessories section. Most of the time, these filters are horizontal collecting the oil on the surface, which causes the filter’s color to change to gray or brown color.

6.2) Baffle Filters

Baffle filters are the best Kitchen Chimney filters on the market today. There are replaceable filters, and in 99% of the cases, they keep their shiny look and excellent performance for many years. They are usually made of the same stainless steel material as the best kitchen chimneys in India themselves. In many cases, the baffle filters come with a grease trap as well, and the filters are sloped towards the back of the Kitchen Chimney, so any collective breeze and moisture will drip into the grease collector at the back. Customers should clean the bathroom filters and the grease collector once a month or 30 hours of operation.

6.3) Charcoal Filters

Charcoal filters are needed for applications without abducting or non vented Kitchen Chimney. Now, these filters are nonreplaceable and for one-time use only. They must be changed every four months for a proper range of performance.

7) Number of Chimney Motors

Efficiency is not necessarily related to the number of motors in your best kitchen chimney in India. Some fan models will outperform smaller to fan models.

8) Chimney Noise

Fans can get quite noisy when they put on the highest power level. So if you’re looking for something quieter, make sure that you purchase a model with the most speeds possible for a quieter option. Another thing to keep in mind is noise as noise will increase with the performance. Hence, the more influential the Best Kitchen Chimney is and the higher the power you’re using, the noisier the Kitchen Chimney will get.

There are two types of different noise: air noise, which is the air passing through the duct, and then there’s mechanical noise. Those two noises make up the noise that comes from your family I turn it on if you’re looking for a fan that’s quite what you want to do is get a fan that’s powerful and has lots of power options. Then you want to use the most significant size duct possible to reduce any friction joints there. So if you have a Kitchen Chimney, that’s powerful, and until you have six different options for power level when you put it on level one just because the best kitchen chimney in India is powerful, it’ll still perform very well level. One at quiet noise mode and then we have a big duct that will reduce the friction so air going through will also reduce the noise. That’s what we recommend if you’re looking for a Kitchen Chimney. It’s very, very quiet. 

9) Lighting

LED, GU10, G4, or MR16, a functional Kitchen Chimney will provide enough light over the cooktop for you to see into the pot. Many models use 35 watt GU10 bulbs, which many cooks will find adequate, but the bulbs’ lifetime is not long. Many of the more expensive ranges provide much better lighting with the new LED lighting. LED lights provide the best lighting for Kitchen Chimneys and can be dimmable as well. Usually, they have the same light output using only five watts, and the lifetime is 25 times longer than regular GU10 bulbs, which come installed as standard in many best kitchen chimney in India today.

10) Electricity supply

Most of our Best Kitchen Chimneys come with a power cord and a plug. To connect the Kitchen Chimney, you will need to have a 110-volt regular receptacle installed into the cabinet or behind the chimney cover. Please consult with a certified electrician for local electrical code requirements before the installation of the best kitchen chimney in India.

11) Maintenance

The best kitchen chimney in India is not maintenance-free. You need to remove and wash aluminum filters in the sink baffle filters in the dishwasher and clean the body of the Kitchen Chimney and occasionally change a light bulb. You should be able to perform most of these tasks more accessible for all recirculation Kitchen Chimney. You would need to change the carbon filters once every three to six months.

12) Types of Kitchen Chimney controls

There are two types of Best Kitchen Chimneys in India controls electrical and mechanical. It’s pretty standard for Kitchen Chimneys to have their controls in a secure access position on the Kitchen Chimney’s front. The most reliable by far are the mechanical rotary type switches; that’s why they are installed in our twisters. Macs and Elite models some of our Kitchen Chimney come with touch-sensitive controls, and those are easy to use and give you some extra features such as a delayed shutoff time.

13) Chimney Distance from Stove

A minimum of 24 inches bright space must be present between the stove and the Kitchen Chimney for best performance and smooth operation. We recommend that all Best Kitchen Chimneys be installed 28 to 30 inches above the stove. Reducing this distance will make Kitchen Chimney operation difficult, and increasing it to more than 30 inches will reduce efficiency.

14) Backdraft Damper: Do I need it?

So you’ve got your Kitchen Chimney all setup, and you’ve got the ducting system, and it’s all air. It is coming out of there, but another thing to keep in mind is everything also just as easily come back into your home. So to prevent cold air from coming back in your home, what you need to do is get one of these backdraft dampers. This back drive jumper here is the 8 inch you can also get these in 10 inches, 6 inches, 5 inches, and 4 inches. We can go on Amazon, and you can purchase one from there. Once you have this and you’re ready to install it, you want to make sure it’s the right way, and then the flaps you have these two flaps here. They go in so once air is coming up it’ll go right through here and go out of your home and then air any cold air that tries to come back in will be stuck because there’s no way that it will go back through this way because these flaps are closed what you should make sure is that once you have these make sure the flat section flows appropriately there’s no obstructions there’s no grease or anything locking the way of it closing so occasionally want to make sure that those stay closed another thing to keep in mind is that if you already have one of these installed on the outside of your home you won’t need to install the one from the inside so what happens is sometimes people will install more than one and it actually reduces the suction of your of your Best Kitchen Chimney so you want to make sure to check the outside if there’s one of these there don’t put the one from the box seat even if it comes in the box you don’t have to use it another thing to keep in mind is that when you are installing this you want to make sure you to seal the duct in properly with aluminum tape.

15) Cleaning

The most popular rain trips today are made of brushed stainless steel material. To clean the stainless steel and remove fingerprints, you will need to use a stainless steel cleaner available at all major department stores. When cleaning stainless steel, always follow the grain of the material. For most Best Kitchen Chimneys, the grain runs from left to right. You could also use a solvent-based thinner similar to a nail polish remover if stainless steel cleaners are not available in your area.

16) Chimney Dimension and Ceiling Height

All island and wall mount kitchen chimneys come with two adjustable Chimney cover a lower one and an upper one. To accommodate ceiling heights in most cases, from 8 feet to 9 feet tall. Before you buy a wall mount or an island type Kitchen Chimney, you must check your ceiling height measuring the ceiling’s distance to the floor to find out if the Chimney covers are tall enough to cover your ceiling. To check if the Kitchen Chimney that you would like to purchase will cover your ceiling height, you need to do a simple calculation. Your ceiling height 96 inches minus the stovetop height, which is generally 36 inches minus your desired distance from the Kitchen Chimney to the stove, which is very often 28 inches. It will give you the height of the Kitchen Chimney itself in our case that would be 32 inches. On our website, you’d find the links with dimensions of each wall mount or Island Tech Kitchen Chimney. 

When you measure your ceiling height, there are three scenarios. One: One of your seedlings is less than eight feet tall, which means that in that case, cutting up the covers is most likely required. Two: Your ceiling is between eight and nine feet tall, which means that most Kitchen Chimney will fit, but please double-check all dimensions again. Three: your ceiling is more than nine feet tall. In this case, most of the foot will not fit, and you will need to purchase an additional extension cover.


There are options for extensions of up to twelve feet ceilings; please consult with their support team about what type and how tall of an extension you will need. Again please check the dimensions on our website to be 100% sure that the Kitchen Chimney will fit your ceiling height. I hope this will help you find the best Kitchen Chimney in India 2021.

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