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How to Choose the Right Air Fryer?

How to Choose the Right Air Fryer?

Today I shall be talking about how to choose the right air fryer for you. I have a new Silvercrest air fryer that I’ve been loving and when I was researching about what to look for to choose an air fryer I was a little bit confused and it took quite a while to decide on the few things that made a difference when it comes to selecting your air fryers. there are all types of models, shapes, and sizes available and I was a tad confused so I thought it would be a great way to kick off this blog. so let’s start from the very basic looks I’m assuming that you’re buying your air fryer because you intend to make good use out of it and although I don’t like a cluttered kitchen counter myself the stuff that you use regularly should be out on display yes because otherwise, you don’t get as much use out of them as you plan. 


So, for example, I have my air fryer I have my kettle I have my cell cooker and I have my toaster those are out because I use them weekly if not more so you should have a look at what your air fryer looks like. now, this is one of the slickest ones I’ve seen around there are other brands that look very similar however you should look at the finish of the color and the size because of course, the print size counter is different spaces you should measure and then try and imagine what that appliance is going to look like on your counter so that’s your first one. Now when you are looking at the different options you would realize that you have some of them which are this shape it’s like a tower shape and then the smaller which are our circular shape under not as high don’t think that those two shapes are just them differently shaped air fryers for poor look’s.

Types of Air Fryers

let’s start with this one this type of air fryer is what you call a drawer or pull-out air fryer so you put your foot inside this. let’s say it goes in a drawer and what you do with this kind of air fryer is that let’s say we put the chips in the air fryer to cook so put it in and halfway through we pull out the drawer mix it up and shake it up a little bit and then put it down inside for it to continue cooking. 

now the other type which is the circular type and normally has a paddle inside of the air fryer so which must it is much easier to use the paddle goes around in circular motions and mixes the food and all by itself but you need to be careful because if you’re cooking something a little delicate like patties. for example, it just might break up inside the pan and you’ll end up with a mess instead of individual patties I did read a few reviews and some of them got bad reviews because of this particular feature so have a little think about it and see if you’d rather buy this type pull out a drawer or is the circular type with the paddle.

so those are your first two you’ve got flux and you’ve got the two types of air fryers after that you should also consider what you want your temperature knob or a display to look like. this one is a digital one I’m going to turn it off so you can see. so it is really easy to check how much remaining time you have when it’s cooking when you’re out and about your kitchen when you’ve got the knob type although it is as easy to operate if not easier because of course is just turn the knob it is and it is enough convenient to just look over and check over your shoulder to see how many minutes there for your air fryer to finish cooking. so I much rather prefer a digital one.


Now there are some of them which have fancy features this one has them and I mean I haven’t used it so far but it’s nice to have let me see if maybe you can manage to see them there’s the display on top and you can choose. if for example, you’re cooking shrimp you’re cooking chips and your cooking needs you cooking chicken, and then you can pre-select the program and just set it off to cook by itself. now this isn’t a necessity it’s a nice feature to have because you just press and go and you don’t second-guess yourself but I’ve found it to work effectively using and the temperature selection and then after that, of course, you give it the time that you’d like it to cook for and off it goes so that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker in my opinion.

This model has which is very handy you can set an alarm why would you need an alarm now for this model I’ve already said that you need to shake your food halfway through so if I set an alarm to being set off and halfway through the cooking time I can remember to come and check the food. just a little bit I mentioned selecting temperature on the air fryer, not all air fryers have this feature some of them do not have the feature where you can choose if you’d like to cook 160 degrees 200 degrees or whatever the desired temperature but just have one preset temperature. now, of course, I don’t know what that’s like because with my one you can select but to be honest with you I would rather choose one where you can select different temperatures because of course the French foods and equals the print book in temperatures this particular one gives up to 200 degrees Celsius. air fryers are usually really easy to clean from reading a lot of them are dishwasher safe as well. but the air fryer doesn’t make much of a mess.

I mean I’ve only cooked dry foods to be clear but I’ve hand washed because I want to preserve the quality of the pots for as long as possible and it was really easy to clean always read reviews because you will get the good the bad and the ugly out of the reviews of course. you should always take reviews with a pinch of salt because some people will just complain about every little thing however in this case hadn’t I read the reviews I wouldn’t have read about the paddle feature.


Another thing that you should consider is the price. prices start from about Rs. 4000 for a meal for your fries and keep going up to silly money I’ve seen some online for like Rs. 30000. there were no reviews for those particular models but and they were there however the most popular ones seemed to sell it for Rs 8000 to around about Rs. 20000.


 the most important piece of advice that I’m going to give you is to have a good look at not just the capacity of your air fryer but how much food you can fit into it so does it can cook correctly. for example and whilst the pot for my air fryer is quite large as you can see I have the manual in front of me and when you cook in French fries you shouldn’t put more than 500 grams of french fries into the pots however when you’re cooking chicken, for example, the maximum weight you can put inside the pot is 400 grams and when it comes to fish it’s 350 so have a good look at those specifications.

if you can’t find the specifications and under the product description or on the product box you should look up the manual and read the fine details because a large pot doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t fit in and a kilo of chips or whatever weights you had in mind. so I think I’ve pretty much given you and lowdown on what you need to look out for to choose the right air fryer for you, of course, any questions just comment below

I am an MBA. I have worked on various projects about Indian home appliances and have knowledge of Indian household needs and requirements. I am here to share my knowledge and experience about appliances

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