10 Reasons to Buy Carrier AC (Air conditioner)

Carrier can be named the father of the best air conditioner Industry because Willis Carrier was the first-ever man on this earth to invent the first air conditioner in 1902. Carrier is one of the biggest brands in the international market, and they have various success stories in more than 170 countries. The USP of the carrier brand air conditioner is its superior product and durable build quality. In India, they have little less share in the AC segment because their air conditioners are priced slightly higher than the other brands. So people get attracted towards low price air conditioners, which fits their budget; that is why carriers have a small market share. 

One more competitive advantage of carriers is that they are innovative and keep inventing new technologies as per the requirements. You might have seen that a few years ago, they invented the outdoor unit of the air conditioner in a cylindrical share. They have also come up with a new invention where they attached an additional vent in the outdoor unit to cool down the compressor. It is called Hybrid Jet Technology.

10 Reasons to Buy Carrier AC

10 Reasons to Buy Carrier AC (Air conditioner)

Let’s talk about the parts and technologies used by carries in their ACs.

Inverter Compressor: As you all know, every brand is working on inverter technology to reduce electricity consumption and increase cooling efficiency, and that’s what a user wants. Carrier is best is proving inverter technology to decrease the load on the compressor.

Power Saving: Carrier ACs are efficient enough to save up to 30% power usage.

Refrigerant: Carrier doesn’t use harmful refrigerants, unlike other companies. They use R32 and R410 refrigerant, which are eco-friendly and don’t have any adverse impact on the ozone layer.

Condenser coils: Carrier use copper condenser coils and cooling coils in their ACs. As you all know, copper is the best heat exchanger, and it also enhances the working life of the compressor.

Ambient Temperature: It has been observed they carrier ACs provide uniform cooling even in the harsh environment where the temperature exceeds 52 degrees. The reason for that is their compressor design is different from other brands, and it doesn’t let compressor to trip off.

Hybrid Technology:

10 Reasons to Buy Carrier AC
10 Reasons to Buy Carrier AC

Now whats hybrid technology? Guys, carriers hybrid technology ACs are four in1 ACs with four types of operation in it. In simpler words, they re convertible ACs, and you can run them on 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2-ton power as per your requirements. Its compressor design is also different and patented by a carrier. It has one additional vent on the right side corner, which sucks in air and keeps the compressor cool.

They have also routed the cooling wire through the PCB so that the cold refrigerant in the wire keeps the PCB cool to avoid overheating. 

Flexjet Hybrid Technology comes with four modes where you can run the AC as per the weather. For example, if the outside temperature is cold, you can run AC on 50% efficiency, if the weather is a little warm, you can run it on 75% efficiency. If the weather is harsh, you can run it on 100% efficiency or set in on free operation so that AC will adjust itself according to the outside temperature.

Carrier Midea - 10 Reasons to Buy Carrier AC

PM 2.5 Micron Filter: This filter purify your air, which means you don’t require any additional air purifier in the room where you have installed carrier AC.

Intelligent alert System: This feature will inform you whenever your AC filters require cleaning or when they are no more able to purify the air and become too dirty. It also has sensors for any gas leakage so that it will inform you before any significant accident. It is an outstanding feature for those who don’t have the technical knowledge to take timely action.

5 Layer Protection: As you all know, outdoor units have to face many seasons like heat, rain, and tornados, so they need extra protection. Therefore, Carrier coated their outdoor units with five different layers to save it from corrosion and unwanted dust. It also an auto cleansing feature that removes harmful bacteria.

Star Rating: Carrier is the brand known for its high ISEER ratio, so its ACs are best in reducing electricity consumption.

Warranty: Carrier provides a 10-years comprehensive warranty on their compressor and an additional 2-years warranty on their outdoor PCB.

Service center: They have a widespread network of 175 services centered with a qualified engineer for the best service.

If you think that carrier ACs are very expensive, then other brands think about its durable and high-grade material, which is long-lasting and helps you save from maintenance cost.

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